Would a DVI graphics card improve my TFT display?

  John B 07:24 07 May 2005

I have just bought a TFT display which has a DVI input. My current video card (rage fury 128)does not have a DVI output. Would I notice any improvement in the quality of the display if I upgraded the card. ( I don't use the PC to play games, if that's of any consequence). If so, any recommendations gratefully recieved.



  kp 09:20 07 May 2005

Yes it should do. The display is brighter and sharper with a DVI connection.

  anchor 09:31 07 May 2005

I recall a posting recently, where it was said that they had compared both digital and analogue outputs to a TFT screen, and could see no real difference.

  Joe R 09:44 07 May 2005

John B,

I,ve tried both when building systems for other people, and I've not noticed any discernable difference between the two.

  garrema 09:46 07 May 2005

In practice I have not noticed a difference although I do have it set up with a DVI now.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:03 07 May 2005

I use both with my Viewsonic TFT and I can guarantee that there is no difference whatsoever.

Emporer+new+clothes ;-)))


  John B 13:48 07 May 2005

I think I'll stick with the setup I have and spend the money on something else!



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