Would this case and PSU fit and work ? ?

  samson1589 03:50 01 Feb 2009

Hi trying to find a new case for ageing PC this is the case i am currently looking at:
click here

This is my motherboard: click here

Currently have a Sempron 2800+ cpu and 512mb memory but have a 1gb stick on its way from crucial. I also have an asus 3450hd agp graphics card that i think takes a 4 pin molex.
Any other details needed let me know !

Oh and if anyone has any ideas how i can make this system faster feel free to educate !

  crosstrainer 08:44 01 Feb 2009

The board is ATX, so will fit fine in that case, BUt it's a bit overkill for you older AGP board.

Why not save your dosh for now and buy a nice new PCIE board and Dual / Quad core CPU as you can afford.

  Technotiger 08:45 01 Feb 2009

Hmm, Case looks ok - Mobo (IDE only) needs upgrading if you want more speed, I think SATA is more the norm nowadays; but then you would need to upgrade IDE drives to SATA as well to get the benefit.

Still, this should attract more responses for you ...

  crosstrainer 08:51 01 Feb 2009

Could look at motherboard cpu bundles:

click here

Some good deals around, but as Technotiger say's, you would need SATA hdd(s) and fast ram to take advantage.

  samson1589 08:59 01 Feb 2009

I know i need to buy a new pc but that wont be happening until 2010 when i plan to build my own for the first time ! Meanwhile i have recently bought the graphics card to enable me to connect to my LCD in living room but this means my cream coloured monster of a tower is on show to all who visit. Hence the new case and also thought my mobo would appreciate the extra 150w of power !
So i plan to do all i can with what i have to improve performance (it has slowed right down since the new card) and most of all learn all i can about the guts of my pc so when i come to build my own i at least know a little bit about what i am doing ! !

So all help and suggestions are much appreciated.

Oh and will that PSU be compatible ?

  Technotiger 09:07 01 Feb 2009

Staying with your old Mobo, Yes - you could ignore the 'extra' 4 pins.

  citadel 10:11 01 Feb 2009

best to download your motherboard manual if you have not got a paper one. its easy to change case, only the fiddly usb connectors take time, take note of where they go before you start. remember anti static precautions.

  Stuartli 10:28 01 Feb 2009

Your current mobo will/should be able to take right up to the last of the Athlon XP processors, the 3200+.

I have this particular CPU, whilst your mobo has a specification pretty similar to my MSI KT6V-LSR.

You might need to update the Bios for an Athlon XP, but it will be superior to the Semperon.

A search on e-Bay brought up these examples:

click here

  samson1589 22:50 08 Feb 2009

Thanks all. New case is good and psu working well and a touch of thermal grease has cooled my cpu by 20 degrees. Cheers !

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