would a better domain name help

  supergran10 14:57 15 Apr 2013


Didn't have a problem years ago with orders (and that was having no e-commerce) .... am still using the same name www.lavendermoon.co.uk but have re-done the site. Now, months on and still not an e-mail, sale or request.

My daughter-in-law says it could be the name, as it isn't clear what the product is.

I am reluctant to change the name which I have had for 8 years as I have car window adverts, hundreds and hundreds of business cards etc all with that name.

I have read about buying another domain name eg www.fascinators-lavendermoon.co.uk which apparently can redirect folk to the site and is incorporating the word they most likley will be searching for but do not understand it all.

My host is 123-reg Software is Webplusx5 Cheers L

  fourm member 10:29 16 Apr 2013

You don't rank well on Google and that means, until you do something about that, you have to rely on the offline promotion of the domain name.

I think you would be foolish to change it and, in any case, the domain name makes very little difference to site rankings.

I'm afraid your site is a good example of how not to get good search results.

Let's start with the page title, the bit that appears in the tab header of browsers. Fascinators/tiaras/jewellery/handcrafted is not a search term anyone would use. (If they did you'd come out as No. 1, by the way).

Google is stupid. It doesn't understand that you've used / to separate words. It just thinks that is one long word.

You need a title like 'Fascinators, tiaras and jewellery from Lavendermoon'.

Then you need a proper heading (an H1 tag) saying the same thing.

Then you need a lower heading (H2 or H3) saying 'Lavendermoon for handmade fascinators'.

At the moment Google is going by the use of 'fascinators' in the text. You need to let it know that this is the important word for your site.

'in the text'. You've used a lot of meta-keywords. Using keywords, in most cases, is just a waste of time because Google (and probably other search engines) doesn't take account of keywords for positive ranking. You have to get your keywords on the page.

I said positive ranking because Google, as I understand it, will reduce a ranking if a site has an excess of keywords. It assumes the site is trying to get a ranking it doesn't deserve and punishes the attempt. You have an abundance of keywords and I would think Google has punished you for that.

Your site needs a lot of work but first job has to be to delete all the metatag keywords.

The domain name is the least of your worries.

  supergran10 14:25 16 Apr 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and help me it is much appreciated.

I am not afraid of critisism.

Born in the 1940's so please........ be simple Hopefully I have made the changes as you suggest????....or have I done it properly?

  fourm member 20:39 16 Apr 2013

You've change the page title so that's a good start.

You haven't removed the metatag keywords. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Serif WebPlus X5 so I can't offer a step by step guide to removing the keywords.

Web design gets a bit confusing because there aren't enough phrases. 'Page title' is used for the title you've changed and also for the main heading on the page itself.

You need to have that as an H1 tag. On the Fascinators 1 page for example the code reads;

(in the following I've put a $ sign in place of the 'less than' sign used in coding and a £ sign in place of the 'greater than' sign because the forum software gets processes them like HTML code)

$div class="Heading-P"£ $span class="Heading-C"£Fascinators 1$/span£$/div£

That needs to be an H1 heading so Google can see its importance.

  Forum Editor 08:49 17 Apr 2013

"I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Serif WebPlus X5 so I can't offer a step by step guide to removing the keywords".

I am, and I can,but I'm on the move at the moment. As soon as I get a chance I'll post some instructions - it should happen sometime within the next 48 hours.

  supergran10 11:11 24 Apr 2013

hello...I can still do with all the help anyone can give many thanks

  spuds 21:15 27 Apr 2013


If you put "how to use serif webplus x5" in a Google search, you should find quite a bit of helpful information there, including the Serif Forum and YouTube video's.

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