Wots a good web page creation program?

  Infamous 23:44 06 Apr 2003

Any people got any advice on a good program to use to create web page. Just i am a new to web site design. As i havent covered anything to do with web site design in my comp sciesnce degree.
wots the best package to help me? Thanks


  Pesala 23:55 06 Apr 2003

It depends on what you mean by good. There are lots of options. I got NetObjects Fusion 2 free on a Magazine cover disk more than a year ago and am still using it, though it is already up to version 7. It is simple to use, just like a DTP package, and it creates frames with navigation bars that are updated and relinked automatically as you add, remove, or move pages to your site. My site is over 100 pages now: click here

If by good you mean free, try Arachnophilia. If you want to learn more about HTML coding this might be better for you. click here

Another way is to use Serif Page Plus DTP which has a web-publishing mode. I think you need version 7.0 or later. I use version 8.0 but not for website creation.

  Infamous 23:59 06 Apr 2003

Good in the sense of easy to use.As i just want a program to progress skills as i get use to the package. Nice site by the way. Just feel as though it would be nice to learn web design as they havent covered anything in my degree.

Thanks for the advice!

  Pesala 00:02 07 Apr 2003

Download the latest trial version of NetObjects Fusion from click here It is about 49 Mbytes. I downloaded it ages ago, but haven't got around to trying it yet.

  Infamous 00:07 07 Apr 2003

Yes I do have broadband, I will give it a try! Thanks for your help, just 1 more thing i asked a few mates of mine they said to use dreaamweaver? is that anyt good? Im gona download the trial version of NetObjects.

Thanks for your Advice!

  Forum Editor 00:21 07 Apr 2003

especially the new version - Dreamweaver MX - is excellent, but isn't cheap and represents a fairly steep learning curve if you are new to web design.

I recommend that you start with something a little cheaper/easier and work your way in.

  Infamous 00:27 07 Apr 2003

Thanks! Im quite good at grasping things, from my university courses such as C++, sql, So i will try and buy some software or try to get some discount from uni, lol cant help it im a poor student!

  bigdamouk 02:22 07 Apr 2003

Dreamweaver MX is the Industry standard and is excellent but as the FE says its hard to grasp if your new to it all. Ive been using it for a while now and im sure there;s loads of things i don't know about it.

If you want an easy to use site creator then you cant go far wrong with Serif Webplus 6, its free and the download is here - click here once you get to grips with that and want to move on then i suggest getting a copy of Microsoft Frontpage.


  MAJ 08:06 07 Apr 2003

Don't forget Notepad + HTML.

But I agree, Dreamweaver is about the best around and while it is a steep learning curve if you want to get into the more difficult areas of web design, it also can be so simple. Creating a simple web page in Dreamweaver can take as little as five minutes once you learn how to set it up initially (which takes about fifteen minutes). Using layers, you can layout your page how you like it or change it round by simply dragging the layers. Inserting objects like images, Flash and video is a doddle. It's expensive, but if you're going to get into web building, it's the one to go for.

  anchor 08:38 07 Apr 2003

Front Page Express is a cut-down version of Microsoft Front Page; it used to be given away free with Windows. It is not complicated to learn and use, and its interface will be familiar to most, and ideal to get you started.

I still have a copy on the server site I use. If you would like to download it, just send me a message by clicking n the yellow envelope next to my name.

You can have a look at the tutorial for it here;

click here

  Infamous 11:58 07 Apr 2003

Thanks Guys for your good advices as always! I think it will be best for me just to use a basic package to get started and then as i progress use a better one!

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