Wot, no spam?

  Valvegrid 20:12 14 Dec 2003

Has anyone else noticed, since the change in the law re spam, I've received nothing at all on both my 2 hotmail and 2 lycos accounts, apart from valid emails.
I wonder if them's that know better than me can confirm this has happened, or am I going to get the smile wiped off my face soon? :-)

  Jester2K II 20:13 14 Dec 2003

My two Hotmail accounts have been spam free for 2 days and i've not noticed!!

  VoG II 20:14 14 Dec 2003

You're not alone click here

  Jester2K II 20:15 14 Dec 2003

My other (old unused) Hotmail has spam in it but nothing dated after 12 Dec 2003 12.28pm

Perhaps its a spammers holiday this weekend???

  MAJ 20:15 14 Dec 2003

If most of your spam was coming from the UK, then it should have abated, if it's from outside the UK, then you'll probably not notice a lot of difference.

  Valvegrid 20:17 14 Dec 2003

Really?? I used to get about 20+ per day, but all last week nothing, the same on one of my lycos accounts used to get 4 per day, again nothing now.

Maybe I shouldn't crow too loudly?

  Jester2K II 20:20 14 Dec 2003

Perhaps its ganging up!

  Valvegrid 20:22 14 Dec 2003

You could be right, perhaps someone has tripped over the mains lead, wait until it's plug in again :-)

  Jester2K II 20:25 14 Dec 2003

Look out for a thread in here titled "Can't spam. POP3 error" from some scumbag....

  Valvegrid 20:29 14 Dec 2003


  [email protected]@m 20:58 14 Dec 2003

I posted on Friday, not a sausage click here

PS they've got him!

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