wot cpus does asus a7a266 1.03 rev support plz

  whizza 19:04 23 Feb 2004

my 1.2 athlon cpu is not working and it needs replacing

ive read the mobo manual and asus site and it suggests the board only supports durons and athlons up to 1.2 ghz is this right???

i need to replace the cpu as im selling the system this week i want to whack a athlon xp 1800 or a duron 1400 in there

if any 1 could help if would be great becoz im going to find nearlly impossible to find somewhere that stocks old athlons

  bremner 19:27 23 Feb 2004

Take a look at this from Asus I think it will help click here

  Rayuk 19:50 23 Feb 2004

According to the cpu support at Asus the board will take up to 2600+[133]Thoroughbred[Bios1012] and Duron1800[Applebred][Bios1013]

  whizza 20:51 23 Feb 2004

yeh u need to update the bios but u also need 1.10 revesion of mobo mine is rev 1.03 so i dont think i can put a athlon xp in

  bremner 20:57 23 Feb 2004

From my link I agree with what you have said. The best your board will take is a 1.4Ghz non XP Athlon

  Rayuk 18:40 24 Feb 2004

For your perusal
click here

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