Worthy replacement for my old Radeon 9700pro

  J R Best 14:15 29 Apr 2006

My old i845PE based motherboard died, so I decided to replace it with a i915G based one, which still has the same 478 socket, ddr slots and IDE ports so i can use my old components. However, this has PCI-E rather than AGP, so i'm going to need a new graphics card. I was wondering what a pci-e equivalent would be? I only need the same sort of performance (its only a secondary pc the kids sometimes play games like Sims 2 which never stressed the 9700). Its just there arn't really any reviews which compare a 9700 to modern cards, so i dont know! Thanks. PS, from experience, i prefer ATI.

  gudgulf 15:36 29 Apr 2006

There are two choices...either an NVidia 6600GT (around £100) or a 7600GT (around £140).Look on the web though because you should be able to find either cheaper than those rough guideline prices.

Performance wise the 6600GT is slightly better than a 9800xt card so around 50% faster than your 9700pro.

The 7600GT is much faster still and will double the performance of your 9700pro at least......when used at high resolutions that is.

the importeant thing is to bear in mind the 7600GT is easily the best mainstream choice for playing any forthcoming games.

Incidentally what motherboard did you get?....I need to update my graphics card but like you have a socket 478 cpu......it might prove cheaper to change my own motherboard and use a pci express graphics card than upgrade to one of the silly priced AGP cards (EG Gainward 7800GS goes like hell editions).

  J R Best 16:38 29 Apr 2006

Thanks. It's an EQS OP-PA915G-MLF. Doesn't seem to be much on the internet about it though.

  J R Best 16:40 29 Apr 2006

also, not sure if I want to spend that much.. I dont think I need that much power. The main pc has an X800XT PE if i ever need something more powerful, despite being old now, it still ploughs through games

  gudgulf 16:58 29 Apr 2006

I have an X800XT......and whilst it plays all my games the lack of pixel shader 3.0 capability is becoming a disadvantage in many up to date games.

My P4 is running at 3.6GHz with 2GB of low latency DDR400 RAM so is easily capable of driving the latest games....and the latest graphics card.SO I'm not prepared to change the entire pc just to update the graphics......what I do need is an interim stage before the Conroe processors come out.THEN I will upgrade the whole rig.

Gainward now have a 7900GT chip on its AGP card....but it costs as much as an ATI X1900XTX!!

It's proving hard to find a retailer for socket 478/pci-e motherboards too,but I am going to see if my local dealer can source one of those boards for me.Thanks for the info.

  J R Best 19:20 29 Apr 2006

I got a new 256mb Radeon X700 Pro for £25 off ebay. According to the reviews it similar to a 9800pro in performance, so i think i got myself a good deal.

The lack of pixel shader 3 doesnt really concern me at all. I'm waiting conroe too, and DX10 seems to be on the horizon anyways.

Thanks for you help

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