Worthwhile updating drivers?

  Housten 14:58 12 Sep 2011

Good afternoon,

As some people may know I have been having a few problems recently and I have 'found' - shall I say - programmes which go through your drivers to determine if you need an update. To say I have been disappointed is a bit of an understatement in that all of these are a bit of a con. They offer a 'free download' which I - stupidly/naively?, bit of both - took to mean the programme was free. It was, up to the point that it tells you that you need to update some of your drivers then to do so you have to pay. Being a cheapskate - as some would say - I have declined at that point. However the slightly worryingly consistency of these is that they seem to come up with the same drivers needing to be updated. so I would like - if possible - advice on two points: The first is: is it worth updating if the drivers that are 'out of date' are working OK? And the second point is: does anyone know of a programme which is not only a 'free download' but will also download and install the drivers for free as well? OR is it a case that to get this sort of efficiency you always have to pay? and if you do have to pay does anyone have any idea which would be the best one to use?

I know I am being contradictory here but isn't it worthwhile doing an annual check on your drivers?, or as I said above effectively, if it ain't broke don't fix it. What are your views on this.

  Woolwell 15:18 12 Sep 2011

I have never paid to update drivers.

I normally update drivers only if I have a problem and usually that is a graphics card snag. Occasionally I have been alerted to a later graphics card driver and have installed it but then I read about what has been improved, what bugs have been fixed, etc. If I want a new driver I go to the manufacturer's site and download the correct driver and read their installation instructions carefully.

If I used a program I certainly would not pay for it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 12 Sep 2011

Only need to update if your having a problem, drivers are free its the service they are asking you to pay for so just go to the manufacturers site to download.

  john bunyan 16:28 12 Sep 2011

I agree with Fruit Bat/\0/. Also windows sometimes prompts updates.If you want in Device Manager you can right click a device and hit the "update driver" key for each bit of hardware and(as I found) it tells you if you have the latest driver.

  Nontek 19:50 12 Sep 2011

I firmly believe - If it aint broke, don't fix it!!

  robin_x 20:01 12 Sep 2011

DriverMax is a good utility to backup all your drivers in one place though.

And I believe it does allow two free driver updates per day or something.

But I do concur with above. Don't update unless problems.

  Terry Brown 20:05 12 Sep 2011

If you do need to update a diver, the first stop should be the software site for the program


  Housten 10:51 13 Sep 2011


Good morning,

Many thanks for all your replies. The consistency of the advice is extremely comforting, and have no worries - I know you won't - that I will follow it. I had forgotten - not surprisingly - that Device Manager will update any drivers and should, therefore, be anyone's first 'port of call'!! To be fair, as I said, their seemed to be a concenus that some of the drivers do need updating, but if Device Manager is happy, then so will I be.

Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to reply, I am very, very grateful.

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