Worth upgrading CPU?

  aca 20:15 16 Sep 2006

Got a pc off mate. For fiddling. It has a pentium 3 650ghz processor and go to max 1000ghz.

Have put in cheap second hand Ti500 and it has 256 sd RAM.

I obviously dont want to spend much as very much a basic pc to add onto home network.

Have got it to run Halo at a squeeze but obviously on low settings.

Would upping the CPU make much difference? Can get Ebay P3 for £15.


  sean-278262 20:54 16 Sep 2006

I upgraded one of these spec machines a year ago buying off ebay. Processor was a dud so I wouldnt recommend it as you dont often have a comeback. Plus it is more likely the graphics is what is holding the machine back in games such as halo rather than the processor as it is the graphics processor that does the work in general rather than the CPU.


  Dell Latitude 21:00 16 Sep 2006

i would say go for it £15 sounds cheap

  sean-278262 21:02 16 Sep 2006

However remember that for £30 you can get an entry level sempron. It sounds expensive as I got a 1100 for £11 posted to ireland.

  sean-278262 21:03 16 Sep 2006

And thats 12months ago if not 18 at this point.

  aca 21:06 16 Sep 2006


I have another fairly low spec pc that I built ie

512 ddr RAM/1.4ghz Athlon/Ti500

and this plays Halo on med settings but also UT2004 and even HL2. Although the Ti500 hasnt got all the bells and whistles it does seem fast enough to cope.

For this latest PC I got a Ti500 off e-bay for £15.

Agree though that CPU bit of a risk

  aca 21:08 16 Sep 2006

Creature of Nite

really limited by the mobo thats been given to me for free. thanks

  sean-278262 21:08 16 Sep 2006

I would go to a computer fair and see what you can find. Im sure there are plenty about the place. I have heard of 100s of great deals people have had. Does anyone know any sites for both ACA and myself to find where big computer fairs are happening?

  aca 21:11 16 Sep 2006

There is another PC mag in the newsagents that advertises fairs but wouldnt want to post details of it here out of deference to PC Advisor (particularly because of all the top notch free advice I've got here)

  sean-278262 21:13 16 Sep 2006

As far as I understand pointing to other sites even rival magazines is no problem, at least I have not noticed anything in the rules saying you cant and I have seen a few threads discussing other magazines. And you certainly are not spam advertising them.

As I said ACA £15 (even with postage) is a bit high considering I paid £11 posted to the republic of ireland 18 months ago for a more powerful processor. And I purchased from a power seller with a buy it now.

  aca 21:15 16 Sep 2006

Ok the mag is MicroMart and has section with ads for national fairs. Most seem to be in South East. (I am down in the sticks in Devon) and the only fairs we get down here involve prize heffers and home made jam...

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