Worth running old and new graphics card?

  Airster 17:01 06 Jun 2009

I've just got myself and new 26" monitor and am running it along with my old 22" monitor as an extended desktop.

Both are currently connected to my Gainward ATI 4850 Golden Sample card, but I have my old X1950 Pro sat around doing nothing.

Would it be worth plugging it into my second PCIe 16x slot and running one monitor on each to take the strain off the single card? Mobo is an Asus P5Q Deluxe.


  woody 12:04 07 Jun 2009

I am not an expert but have been using dual and triple screens for a while.
Not all graphic cards will work together there was maybe still is a MS site which lists compatible cards.

I would give it a try.
With three screens I find I mainly use the middle screen for the work in progress and the other two for reference - icons - pages to read - graphics I am not working on.
The main/middle screen would have your most powerful card attached as the other screen(s) do not have the call for quick response.

I use 3 @E2403WS 24inch - quite pleased - no bad pixels.

What is your 26 inch and do you like it?

  Airster 12:26 07 Jun 2009

Thanks Woody. I'll give it a go.

I've got the Samsung T260 (about £300 delivered from amazon.co.uk). I'm very pleased with it. No dead pixels, nice and bright, good colours. Stand is poor (only tilts) and the USB hub is tucked round the back under a flap but I've stuck in a dongle for Readyboost and my RF receiver for the keyboard mouse - so no need to have general access to it. It has HDMI, VGA and DVI-D inputs. No speakers though, but who uses monitor speakers anyway these days?

Viewing angles are not fantastic, but once you've got your chair height and monitor tilt set its not an issue.

For the price, its a no-brainer if you want acreas of screen space.

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