is this worth the money

  ole1999 06:24 04 Jul 2007

click here

Just want your opinions on this please.


  robbiepaul79 10:29 04 Jul 2007

I wouldnt say so

  provider 2 10:34 04 Jul 2007

I think the general advice is check around before buying anything from PC World.

  crosstrainer 10:35 04 Jul 2007

You can do much better for example /click here and many others as well

  johnnyrocker 10:39 04 Jul 2007

before approaching the above provider i would advise doin a forum search for a cross section of views.


  billydilly 10:50 04 Jul 2007

No way you could save a heap load if u biuld your own this is NOT worth the money

  FatboySlim71 11:02 04 Jul 2007

I agree about reading the views regarding the company in crosstrainer's link, they were on the BBC Watchdog program a while back!

I own an Evesham PC and have owned it for nearly 18 months and its superb, no problems and its very stable. You may pay a bit more for Evesham but its like anything else "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" I have several friends/colleges that have bought from Evesham and they are of the same opinion as me, the few friends/colleges that have needed customer service from Evesham, tell me that the service is A1, that's another thing that is worth looking into when buying a PC!

  crosstrainer 11:08 04 Jul 2007

Was only posted as an example, just to indicate how much better the deals are, as I self-build I have very little knowledge of other manufacturers, but the deals are out there read the reviews and go from there. A lot of companies will build a pc to your required spec.

  ^wave^ 11:21 04 Jul 2007

you can get good deals from pcworld but do check around first. what do you need the pc for as you can get something a lot cheaper i am sure.

  [email protected] 11:33 04 Jul 2007

i bought a hp pc from pc world, it was my first pc and i felt the salesman didnt really know much more than me about computers, and i only asked for support once (on buying a graphics card) and was advised to get an agp card for my pci express.
i wont be using them again.
the only part i have left from that pc is the mobo which is in a second trial pc, although many parts are upgradable with a hp pc there are still many parts connections which are non standard.
i now have an atx tower, atx mobo so i can update and work on the pc without chopping and changing cables and crowbaring various bits and pieces into place. worthwhile concidering if you like to mess as i do.

  donki 12:05 04 Jul 2007

As for MESH yes they may have their problems but i have had mine for about a year and a half, no problems at all. I also have friends and family who bought on my recomendation (apporx 10) and all have had no problems. They computers are made from high quality components and are built superbly.... except for the odd exception.

Ive had an HP and a Compaq computer and would never buy again as the quality of components and build are not as good as other companies.

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