Worth going for 64 bit Vista?

  07patty 14:52 20 Sep 2009

Is it worth going for the 64 bit version of vista?
seeing as it is basically the same price as the 32 bit version, is it really worth going for 64 bit version?
or is it just easier to go with 32 bit and not loose some of the programs that don't support 64 bit?
thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 15:19 20 Sep 2009

Just personal opinion, but I would go for the 32bit.

  ^wave^ 15:47 20 Sep 2009

windows 7 out next month i would wait

  OTT_Buzzard 15:58 20 Sep 2009

If you meet all of the below critera, then go for 64 bit:

1. Your normal use software would benefit from 4GB or more RAM
2. Your software will run on a 64 bit OS, be it in 32 bit mode, or full 64 bit
3. Your motherboard supports, and you have installed, 4GB or more RAM
4. Your hardware has 64 bit drivers available

Think that's the lot?

Personally I use 64 bit most of the time. I have some software that won't run on it, but most of that stuff is software written by individuals rather than software houses.

  bremner 15:59 20 Sep 2009

I would wait and get Windows 7 and if you have a machine that has the capability of installing more than 4GB of RAM then install the 64 bit version (it comes with both).

If you have any problems with 64 bit then reverting to 32 bit remains an option.

  07patty 19:13 20 Sep 2009

thanks everyone. i probably will wait for windows 7.. and considering my needs don't really need 64 bit its probably better without it.

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