Worth deleting 'Startup' files?

  Housten 11:17 19 Apr 2015

Good Morning, Gentlemen,

I know some of you may well think that this is a stupid question, but I wish to keep my computer as 'clean' as possible.

When I recently used Ccleaner and went in to 'Startup' there were quite a lot of files, most of which were 'disabled' and more of which I further disabled. I then realised that there were other headings, looked at them and was amazed how many were 'enabled'. So I 'disabled virtually all of them. But the files are still listed, and some keep 'enabling' themselves. What I would like to know is this: Instead of 'disabling' a file would it be better or acceptable to just delete the file in the first place? This would mean that my computer wouldn't even - I presume - have to look up the file in the first place, thereby easing the pressure on 'Startup' - or am I getting my knickers in a twist?

Many thanks in advance to all who post a reply.

  Ian in Northampton 12:46 19 Apr 2015

Housten: I'm a bit like you - I love everything to be shiny, clean and tidy, for no other reason than that's how I like things. However, it's possible to be like that to a fault. There is no reason to mess with what loads at startup unless your machine is taking forever to start up, or unless startup is launching background programs that you don't need that are consuming valuable resources and slowing your PC down. As you've said: the classic way of dealing with those issues is to disable them in the startup menu, and that's what you've done. Personally, I would be very wary of going to the next step and actually deleting them ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it".) I'm with Jock1e on this. And consider that there may be some reason why startup programs that you've disabled are re-enabling themselves. (It would be interesting to know what they are.)

  Housten 12:47 20 Apr 2015

Good Afternoon, Jock1e and Ian in Northampton,

Thank you both very much for your replies. The ones that keep re-enabling themselves are mostly from Ccleaner, and I am supposing that if they do so they must have a - built in? - reason for that.

I will take your advice and leave the dis-abled files in place. Unless someone knows anything to the contrary.................

  robin_x 14:36 20 Apr 2015

Ccleaner has had Real Time Monitoring for a few months. So it needs to be a Start-up item and Service too.

I've switched it off and run manually.

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  onthelimit1 15:27 20 Apr 2015

Disabling them in CCleaner means they won't launch automatically, but will still start if their associated program needs it - just takes that prog a bit longer to launch that's all. I always disable everything except antivirus and skype.

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