Worth buying old laptop (floppy only, no cdrom)?

  Lincoln-Y 00:19 03 Dec 2005

Hi there.
I'm looking for an old laptop on ebay for writing letters, basic web surfing, ebay etc. but I'm finding that my budget only stretches to old win95/98 machines with no CDROM, just a floppy.
I use AOL (56k) to get online with my desktop pc but how could I get the AOL software on to any laptop I buy if its got no CDROM and the files are too big to awap to a floppy?
I thought about getting a cheap USB2 pc card and then using a friends external hard drive but even the drivers for that are on CD so its back to square one.
Will I be throwing my money away or should I take the plunge? Any help would be gratefully recieved.
Thankyou, Lincoln.

  Stuartli 00:23 03 Dec 2005
  Stuartli 00:23 03 Dec 2005

Desktops are even cheaper...:-)

  Lincoln-Y 00:30 03 Dec 2005

Thanks, but even the cheapest on there was way out of my budget.

  driving man 00:52 03 Dec 2005

Look in your local paper. Not many cheap laptops but you should find a serviceable desktop with CRT monitor for £50 or less. In fact I threw my old one away (5gig hard drive, 40x CD and win 95 with USB 1 ports. Honestly no one wanted it. Seemed such a shame as it was perfectly adequate for slow surfing, E.Mailing and spreadsheet work, but not for modern games.
Guess it really depends on what you want a laptop for. One drawback with laptops I have found is they take ages to fire up and close down. Also dont forget a 2nd hand laptop may have a "knackered" battery and they arent cheap to replace. Plus if you have a desktop already you may want to figure in the cost of a wi Fi home network in order to access printers, scanners from anywhere in house (approx £95)

  driving man 00:58 03 Dec 2005

PS I now notice you are on aol. For £2 extra per month you can go broadband (silver) if you have win 98 or better. Plus first month free, so for first year there is no real extra cost over what you are paying now. just a thought but surfing is so much quicker (officially aol silver does not support home wifi networks but have it here and can get online with 1 PC through aol and online through another with Int. Explorer at same time---seems good value to me

  Lincoln-Y 01:01 03 Dec 2005

Wow, I'd happily have coughed up £50 for that! I only want it because my desktop is upstairs and it would be nice to sit with the rest of the family while surfing for a change. I don't need the battery and I'll just unplug the phone to get online. I tried the Bargain Pages today but like you said, not many laptops.

  driving man 01:07 03 Dec 2005

Another thought get a desk top and then buy a cordless mouse and key board (circa £23). You can site desk top in a corner of bedroom and then lie in bed mousing and typing in comfort

  driving man 01:08 03 Dec 2005

then existing PC goes downstairs

  Devil Fish 07:30 03 Dec 2005

if your lap top and pc have network adaptors grab a crossover cable hook the two up together and share the cd drive on the desktop to load your software

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