Worst Websites

  Aspman 10:22 29 Mar 2004

I'd like to nominate a couple of websites for being about the most unusable I've ever come across.

The BBC's Top Gear website and the Elephant,co.uk websites.

Top Gear because it is so riddled with pop ups and adverts I find the site unusable and so irritating I generally don't bother with it anymore.
I know adverts are needed to get free content but it doesn't have to be so intrusive, look at the adverts on this site (generally) or on Yahoo or Google.

Elephant because it took me about an hour to get one quote out of the the site without it crashing and flashing up java errors and page unable to be displayed errors.

Any one else have sites they would like to visit but which are just sooooo frustrating you don't bother? I mean proper commercial sites that have had big money spent on them and are still crap to use.

  Ben Avery 10:39 29 Mar 2004

I think we need to be careful here, or else you may end up with a "defamation of character" style lawsuit on your hands! :)

I recommend my own...


  Ben Avery 10:40 29 Mar 2004

...I "nominate" my own?



  Sir Radfordin 11:06 29 Mar 2004

This is something that someone else raised a while back and as Ben points out you do need to be careful. The aim of this site is to help people to design better sites and resolve problems, and not to knock the efforts of those who don't put themselves forward for such a knocking.

If you really want bad websites then I suggest you start here: click here

  Aspman 11:24 29 Mar 2004

I don't think defamation of character would apply I've said nothing against the companies themselve only one aspect of their advertising. The reason I am so irritated at these two is that they are sites (and companies) I am keen to visit / use and possibly buy their services but I'm so put off by the design and implimentation of their sites that for me it's unlikely to happen.

I did use the 'comment on the website' link on Elephant to let them know what a rotten frustrating time I had on their site and that in the end I bought insurance from another company when they had the potential to compete for my business.

I think I'll just stick to the TopGear mag and steer clear of their website.

  Ben Avery 11:42 29 Mar 2004

While you're at it, with reference to your original post, get yourself a pop-up stopper/blocker and you may be able to browse the topgear site in relatively more comfort.

Free one available here - click here or even better (IMHO) is the version which comes bundled with the very groovy Google Toolbar - click here


  Sir Radfordin 11:56 29 Mar 2004

Elephant.co.uk have just provided me a quote for car insurance in under 5 minutes for about £200 less than I had to pay 8 months ago so would suggest that it may be a problem with your setup that is causing problems.

No problems with the Top Gear (click here) site either :)

Therefore I feel your nominations for these sites can not stand as they are both well designed, easy to use sites. There are examples far worse than these out there.

  Aspman 12:16 29 Mar 2004

I appear to be alone in my frustrations I will therefore quietly close this thread and go and punch a pillow until I feel better.

And to save me from being sued for the 10p in my back pocket I really like TopGear the TV prog, I like TopGear the mag but not the website (personal opinion of course).

I think Elephant give very good quotes but I was unable to modify any of these because the system always fell over on me. I have never been able to get that site to work for me on many machines over several years. I apreciate it is probably just me and I am cursed.

  Aspman 13:03 29 Mar 2004

'twas click here or www,topgear,com I was referring to.

(shuffles out of room again)

  rosewood27 16:10 30 Mar 2004

Elephant - I finally got a great quote, but the site could best be designed as 'wobbly'.

The site for the Welsh Assemby isn't much to brag about either - slow, dull to look at and nigh on impossible to get any information out of - politicians, eh!
click here

  Forum Editor 18:42 30 Mar 2004

we'll be naming and shaming in this forum - for one thing it's the easiest thing in the world to criticise someone else's work, and for another it's fraught with all kinds of implications.

Let's stick to helping each other out with our problems - that's what we do best I think.

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