The worst ISP homepage?

  muscic lover 01:20 06 May 2003

What do you consider to be the worst ISP homepage you have had the mis-pleasure to come across?

Provide the address/ link and we can all see the worst of the worst!

  muscic lover 01:21 06 May 2003

PS say happy birthday to me (may 6th). Make an 'old man' happy and smile!

  hugh-265156 01:29 06 May 2003

my experiment a few weeks back click here for a first attempt at it.fonts all screwed up etc and no content.maybe have another go soon.

  hugh-265156 01:32 06 May 2003

happy birthday to you happy birtday to you(singing)sorry read question wrong isp`s em today found this which was poor click here

  Gandalph 01:41 06 May 2003

The web site ain't all that bad, in fact it's not bad at all. I've seen many a worse one than that. At least it's informative which is more than I can say for others. May need a little bit of refinement like nearly all first attempts but don't be disheartened and get stuck into it.

Music Lover. Happy Birthday and may you have many more. I'm also a May Kitten, it's mine in a few day's time. Don't get too Brahms and List tonight!

  watchful 06:40 06 May 2003

A Very Happy Birthday - you share it with Tony Blair.

It was mine in April, I'm a Taurean too.


  Andsome 08:43 06 May 2003

I am with NTL and used to use them as home page. I just got fed up with the time taken to open, try this click here . I swithed to Google, try this and see the difference click here

  Andsome 08:44 06 May 2003

PS I can't even spell switched, I wish it was possible edit postings on this site.

  Pesala 09:23 06 May 2003

Music Lover:

Changing my home page was one of the first things I did. Most of those ISP home pages are a dreadful clutter, and take quite a time to load. I used to have my website homepage as my homepage, but actually that is not very useful. I now use a home-made home page that I can update and modfiy in a few minutes using NetObjects Fusion. It is just a single page of my favourite links to forums and websites. Because it is on my hard drive, it loads instantly. Switch to full screen mode (F11) to view my desktop and home page in Opera. click here

The Google search page is also a good place to start work.

Andsome, I agree. I wish we could edit our posts, or at least preview them. One tip, if you use Opera, change Preferences, Fonts and Colours, Format Text Field Multiline, where you can set the size of the font for this message box. I use 14 point Arial, and also zoom in 140% (so that's 20 point) to fill the screen width with the box. Much easier to see typing errors when the print is really big.

  Djohn 10:05 06 May 2003

Have a good day, I agree that google is a good choice of home page for fast loading. But also like the idea from Pesala.

Have your own home page, with all your information at hand, ready to go and search the web the way you want to. J.

  tbh72 12:31 06 May 2003

You have to see this one to believe it......

click here

Sorry..... You were after bad!!! It's probably the best.

Andsome brought back happy memories of the day's that I used to use the claranet search page as my home page, needless to say they don't have that page anymore!!!! Shame cause it was the best search page ever, with Yahoo / Excite / ??? A Very Business Like One / and Alta Vista.

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