Worrying noises from base unit

  Daz35 23:03 06 May 2004

I'm probably just being paranoid, but today I've noticed that I'm getting what sounds like a kind of crackling sound whenever anything is being processed. I've never heard it before so I'm a bit worried. First of all I thought it sounded like the distant crackle of fire and then light rain. Obviously I have checked to make sure nothing's on fire and there's no smoke! The machine is only about 6 months old - do they get noisier as they get older? I've never noticed this before on the 3 previous PC's I had. Or perhaps I should go and have a long lie down and it will all be better tomorrow!

  SANTOS7 23:08 06 May 2004

one of the first things to do would be to look inside to see if anything is loose, it may be as simple as that,good luck

  Spook Tooth 23:14 06 May 2004

It sounds like the hard drive is creating this noise. It's just a guess, but you would need to investigate this further (try running the PC with the side panel off).

Like SANTOS7 says though, it may well be a loose drive or somesuch, creating the noise. My money's still on the hard drive though. Good luck and report back.

  woodchip 23:17 06 May 2004

Try the computer on a bit of carpet it may be the surface its on

  Rtus 23:19 06 May 2004

I should imagine at six months its still under warranty .So no real worries..But if its annoying you it could just be a simple thing to sort. suggestions >Turn machine off ,take the usual safty precautions & check for Cable rubbing against fan / fan picked up something creating the noise Check all vents are clear.Cpu fan got build up of fluff/ debris could also be one of the drives but that will get more obvious by it miss-behaving later on.

  Daz35 23:22 06 May 2004

It is on a laminate floor in my office so it could be that and I must admit I've just moved it from on top of my desk to underneath, so maybe it just sounds different.
A piece of carpet eh? Shagpile or Berber twist?????!

  SANTOS7 23:23 06 May 2004

wilton for me

  Daz35 23:24 06 May 2004

Not patterned though - can't stand patterned carpet!

  woodchip 23:26 06 May 2004

You will find its the laminate floor

  Daz35 23:26 06 May 2004

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I'll take the cover off tomorrow and give it a bit of a spring clean. (It'll probably of stop happening by then anyway!)

  Daz35 14:54 09 May 2004

Further to this thread, the worrying noises have stopped, as has my hard drive. It has stopped working completely. It is still under warranty, but it is a complete pain in the a**e. I have 95% backed up, but it still means nothing but hassle as I have to have a new hard drive installed and will have to install all software etc again. The most annoying thing is losing all my contacts and e-mail in Outlook Express. I never thought of saving or backing that up. Is there a simple program around that can do that for the future? One thing I would like to know,as it's never happened to me before, is this a common occurence? Do hard drives fail a lot? Anyone had the same thing happen to them?

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