Worn letters on keyboard

  john bunyan 18:22 11 Dec 2010

I have a good Logitech wireless (or bluetooth) keyboard. A few letters have worn - eg the N and M , also the H ,A . Otherwise it works well. I thought of getting hold of an old fashioned "dip in ink" pen, and trying to make the letters legible using polyurathane white gloss paint. Has anyone any better suggestions short of a new keyboard?

  rdave13 18:28 11 Dec 2010

Short of a new keyboard then no ideas, sorry. Treat yourself to a better model and don't type so hard on the 'N' & 'M's next time... lol.

  The Kestrel 18:32 11 Dec 2010

How about these replacement stickers? click here

  GaT7 18:38 11 Dec 2010

Good idea The Kestrel. I notice they are also available at eBay click here. G

  john bunyan 18:48 11 Dec 2010

Thanks The Kestrel and Crossbow 7. I will give them a try.

  octal 18:50 11 Dec 2010

Why not teach yourself to touch type, it's not too difficult, then you don't have to worry about seeing the keyboard. I find I can type in the dark like I'm doing at the moment.

  rdave13 18:55 11 Dec 2010

Let us know how you get on with whichever you buy.
The ones I bought a few years ago weren't worth the effort. Still, if you get a good result, it would be worth knowing.

  john bunyan 19:00 11 Dec 2010

Will do - at about £3 it is worth a try!! Will come back in New Year.
As an old dog I have no time to learn too many new tricks! Well done to you, but although I keep up to date as much as possible, and used when working over 10 years ago to have a 4 screen work station with one keyboard, I will reconsider if my sight worsens!

  wolfie3000 22:13 11 Dec 2010

An old trick most gamers use is while the letters are still on the keyboard is to apply a thin coating of clear nail polish to each key.

Letters wearing off is a major problem for gamers as the W,A,S,D keys are used alot more than others.

If done right the nail polish isnt noticable.
Will last for the life of the keyboard too.

  john bunyan 23:27 11 Dec 2010

Thanks for the tip.

  birdface 08:59 12 Dec 2010

Logitech have had a few complaints from customers with the same problem.
Maybe contact them and see if it is covered under their warranty.

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