"Worms" how do I check

  lester1 00:23 08 Feb 2003

Suggestions please for any free software available.I'am paranoide about keeping my virus dats up to date and use zone alarm firewall. But since using Broadband and down loading all sorts of crud (sorry regional expression)rubbish I am concerned that I may be vunerable to the above.

  tulix 00:25 08 Feb 2003

avg antivirus is a good 1 and its free

  Ben Avery 00:26 08 Feb 2003

PCA's free utilities downloads include free AV software. Assuming it works (and as I use Norton 2003 Pro I wouldn't know) you should have no problems. Broadband is no more prone to virus' than dial-up, just if you DO download lots of "crud", run an AV scan on it BEFORE you oper/run it.


  jazzypop 00:26 08 Feb 2003

It's best to have a healthily suspicios mind, but not to get too paranoid :)

A good firewall and anti-virus combination will kill 99% of all known germs.

For that last 1% of peace of mind, I would recommend a combination of AdAware, Spywareblaster, and a good anti-trojan program from click here

  lester1 00:33 08 Feb 2003

My current virus checker is McAfee and is up to date. I thought "worms" curcumnavigate the normal scan systems and are imune to them.

  lester1 00:39 08 Feb 2003

Which one would you recomend,I'm not well up on "Experienced"

  lester1 00:49 08 Feb 2003

Sorry I tried your link, I'm usining "Adware" and "Spybot" which option of your link would be best

  jazzypop 00:55 08 Feb 2003

I have used BoClean in the past - click here - and found it to be very good.

AdAware is available from click here

Spyware blaster from click here

I think you have been misinformed regarding what a worm is. Definitions vary slightly, but in essence, a virus attaches itself to a file (a 'host'), whereas a worm exists independently of any file (although it often disguises itself as a 'safe' file). See click here for a good definition.

  lacker 01:02 08 Feb 2003

Hi,feel tempted to answer your original question by saying go and have a dig in your garden,but I couldn't be that cruel.
You might be interested in an item i read this week in another well known magazine,I think it will clarify the situation for you.it reads:-
'A worm spreads over a computer network and usually requires some user interention to activate it.The commonest arrive as emails with misleading attachments.An unsuspecting user opens the attachment,triggering the worm.caution and common sense can stop any worm in it's tracks.Do not open attachments from people you do not know,and keep your Av up to date.Most worms arrive in Word or Exel documents,or as attachments with a .vbs file extention.'
Hope this helps to settle your mind.
Regards TONY

  Ben Avery 01:03 08 Feb 2003

a wrom is simply a type of virus e.g an "MM" worm is a mass-mailing worm which will usually send itself to all your address book contacts. However, most of the most prolific virus' out there are inevitably worms so it would be pointless using AV software if they didn't stop the most popular virus'! You see?

For a good overview I would recommend spending some time lookin over the symantec site ( click here ) and familiarising yourself with the common virus jargon.

I don't use McAfee (as I don't trust them too much) but I know they stop all the major worms so fear not my friend, you can sleep soundly.

P.S. Ad-aware is great and there's a new version out now too!


  tulix 01:03 08 Feb 2003

sorry lester1 had to go for a while .but jazzypop said it for me anyway .question though have you had worms before parden the pun. go with the recomendations and you will be ok.

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