Worm / Virus Note of Caution

  User-6D9C7ECD-6DDA-4B14-9C396D58713D0EC1 15:23 29 Jun 2004

Here is a small tale to keep all you computer addicts on your toes.

I like to think i am fairly competent with PC's. I have built a few and mended a few, all without much trouble and will always preach the need of anti virus/firewall software and regular microsoft updates.

I built a new pc for my sister two weeks ago as a birthday present, in the process of building it i checked that the new modem i had installed was working correctly, logged on for couple minutes, checked data rate was correct and logged off.

In those mintutes i contrated the nakaki (spelling) variant B worm and two viruses apparently let in by said worm, because i had yet to update XP or load AVG onto the machine.

Said tasks where then hampered by machine shutting down every twenty seconds!!

So there you go, let your guard down for two minutes and the buggers are in! I thought i was paranoid, now i know they are watching me!!!

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