Worm Agabot.52.R - Know anything about it?

  AngeTheHippy 13:47 21 Apr 2005

Hi Chaps,
I've had this particular worm detected (then deleted) by AVG 2 or 3 times now. I've looked for reference to it though, and can't find anything. Can someone enlighten me please?



  SANTOS7 13:52 21 Apr 2005

click here
this may help,good luck.

  AngeTheHippy 14:22 21 Apr 2005

I use AVG and as I said, detected it. What I wanna know though, if it's in a restore point, can I delete SOME restore points but leave the rest where they are?


  roy 14:24 21 Apr 2005

Hi Ange,

No, you can't do that. With Restore it is all or nothing.

  stalion 14:25 21 Apr 2005

no if you use system restore you lose all your restore points but you can manually create one as soon as you turn it back on

  SANTOS7 14:26 21 Apr 2005

Probably not a good idea if it is in your "system volume information" you would be as well to turn off restore reboot and delete all

  SANTOS7 14:33 21 Apr 2005

click here
not quite all or nothing, you can delete all but the last restore point.

  AngeTheHippy 16:12 21 Apr 2005

for your responses. Think I'll turn off restore, then reboot, turn on again then make a new restore point.

Will do another scan before I do this though,

Thanks again


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