World of Warcraft and Vista

  skidzy 22:07 05 Jul 2008

Hello all,just a quickie.

My son is about to buy World of Warcraft and hopes to play this on his Vista Desktop.
Now ive checked the specs and no mention of Vista compatibility , he is fine with that,just looking for any tips that maybe needed.

It does look like to patch the game in Vista can be a problem,so any tips would be great so i can pass them along.

Cheers everyone.

shouldnt be any problems, as with most games it works faster with 'classic' theme as opposed to aero.
patching shouldnt be a problem, with my vista experiences the only wow problems i had was with nvidia stopped responding crashes, solved by changing theme or better driver. reguarding patching make the owner of the the patcher a non admin user.

blizzards response used to be 'we have never claimed to be vista compatible, however many run it on vista with no problems'

  skidzy 14:24 06 Jul 2008

Cheers adman 2 he has gone and bought the game this morning and i shall install this tonight all being well.

I will post back tonight how i get along,again thankyou for your input it is appreciated.

it takes some time!

just realised it's a sunday! if it needs much patching this is much quicker click here the first time i installed from disks and blizzard patcher it took nearly 12 hours, much quicker from gamershell than torrenting

  skidzy 19:59 06 Jul 2008

Thanks again for coming back to me.

Ok,all installed ok (with Burning Crusade) and i can see what you mean about the patching.
I have a 8MB bb connection and so far been patching for 2 hours but the server is extremely slow.

Just curious to know,if i download the patch from your link,do i have to install this to a certain folder or will it go to the right folder auotmatically ?

  Ditch999 20:03 06 Jul 2008

WOW is a totally self contained game. There are no registry entries written and no other files written other than the ones in the WOW folder.
Its handy to make a backup copy of that folder in case of "accidents"!

  skidzy 20:07 06 Jul 2008

Hello and thankyou for looking in.

As you may have guessed im not a gamer except some old retro games.

One of the previous games i installed for my lad,i had to install the patches to a certain folder as this left files all over his hence my caution if i use Admans link to download the patches... i will need these to self install if possible.

  Ditch999 20:21 06 Jul 2008

The problem I found with these patches is that they seem to change and with a fresh install you may end up with 10 of them whereas someone else may have 15 or more!
I think its better to let the updater run its course and finish, then make a backup of the WOW folder (which you can put on any other PC and it will work)

they'll unzip automatically (must be in order though).
been on xp for 3 years, if you ever have a problem delete wtf, interface and cache folders and restart the game. if that fails right click wow exe> repair.
if you use gamershell the wow installer will open it will only install them in correct order. sunday night will take forever with the torrents, maybe best to leave overnight

  skidzy 20:38 06 Jul 2008

Ok Cheers guys,will let it be for now and let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Thanks again :-))

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