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  Ian in Northampton 12:24 27 Feb 2011

Hi there. Anyone out there play WoW? My son has no Internet access where he is, and is thinking of getting a 3G dongle for his PC. However, the largest contract he can find limits him to 2GB per month. I appreciate this is something of a 'how long's a piece of string?' question - it depends how much he plays it etc. - but does anyone have any insight whether 2GB would last a month of 'average' WoW playing? Also, anyone have any thoughts on PC/3G/online gaming?

  Ian in Northampton 13:44 27 Feb 2011

I did a bit more research on this, using different terms, and I think I've managed to answer the question myself - or at least, part of it. It looks like WoW uses up to 30MB/hour, so 2GB should give him up to 60 hours/month. That's only 2 hours/day, which won't be enough, I don't think. But, in my travels, I think I found mobile broadband packages that offer 5GB and more. However, I'd still appreciate anyone's input on using 3G for gaming, how well it works, what the better/worse providers are and so on.

  Graphicool1 16:04 27 Feb 2011
  ACOLYTE 16:36 27 Feb 2011

To play this game properly you really need a dedicated connection,not saying that dongles wouldn't allow you to play but in my experience they are slow and cumbersome things that don't really give you the connection you need to play online games,if your son really want to exerience the game to its full potential he needs a dedicated connection and the faster the better cos wow servers can get very laggy at peak times.

  Ian in Northampton 16:46 27 Feb 2011

Thanks both. Graphicool: good idea... ACOLYTE: yes, I've done some research since my last post in terms of quality of gameplay. It seems that in WoW environments where speed of response isn't so important, 3G is OK - but in raids or PVP or in some of the more crowded areas, lag can be sufficient to make it unplayable. I was interested to read, while researching, that within limitations, WoW is actually playable on dial-up at 56k!

  ACOLYTE 17:01 27 Feb 2011

In theory any online game is playable on 56k dial up,most modern online game's would be unplayable on such a connection.But i would really encourage your son to get the best conn he can,wow is a really good game i have played it for over 5 years,and i have lagged quite a few times with 25 Mb conn and high end pc,when you have 500+ somtimes 1k+ peolple online on the same screen even the best conns lag out.

  Ian in Northampton 18:00 27 Feb 2011

Thanks again Acolyte. He's just moved from home, where he had a very nice connection (except when his sister monopolised it with YouTube...) with few problems. But now he's somewhere where, at least for the time being, he has no chance of either a cable connection or even wi-fi. It seems like you're about as hardcore as he is: he tells me he has 3 level 85 characters and 8 level 80 characters. I think I'm supposed to be impressed... What I actually think is that he spend way too much time playing it. Perhaps a 3G connection will cure him of the habit... :-)

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