World Of Warcraft Catyclasm will this Laptop do ?

  Baskerville 16:33 21 Dec 2010


Will this laptop cut it playing WOW ? I'm in the market for a new Laptop for my son and this machine seems a decent buy for everyday tasks but he would like to play WOW if possible,

Thanks for any help,

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  james105051 16:49 21 Dec 2010

15.6in display. Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. DVD optical drives: Dual layer. Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics card with 256MB memory

Above is from the specs, I think it would struggle with all but basic games.

  james105051 16:52 21 Dec 2010
  GaT7 16:53 21 Dec 2010

According to this mobile GPU games benchmark comparison list click here, the included HD 4250 graphics will only be able to play it (WoW 2005) at low settings. WoW 2005 is at 4th from extreme right in the above link. The HD 4250 lies about 2/3rds down the list - do a Ctrl+F in your browser, type 4250 in the search field & press Enter in order to go to it quickly.

In short, unless you'll be satisfied to play it on low settings, you should be looking for a laptop with a better graphics card (GPU) - the rest of the spec will always be good enough for WoW. The higher up the list you go, the better the GPU. If you guys are going to play a newer WoW version, then a better one will most likely be required. The trouble with good laptop GPUs is that this is one thing that can inflate the price a lot, but I think a £400-450 laptop (with a suitable GPU) could be good enough. G

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