world of warcraft

  martd77 10:59 23 Feb 2007

have just purchased this game for my son but after a full day of installing and updating im getting pretty desperate with it now,everytime he goes to log on it updates,reboots and the wow installer kicks in to install another upgrade,needless to say 12 hours on he still hasnt played the game?
Anyone any experience with this?is it merely running updates and patches all the time?they seem to be about 500mb updates

  brundle 11:03 23 Feb 2007

Even the trial version is a 3+ gigabyte download, check your version number with the latest at the website; patch v2.08 click here

you will only have to do it once, the disk version is pre burning crusade, and every week there is a fairly major patch, once you actually get it up to date,it has a repair feature, which is accessed through all programs so you shouldnt have to do it again, and while your playing if you have background downloader enabled it trickles the next patch data to a temp file so that on patch day (evry tues) it should be done in a couple of settings.
the game changes a lot which is why, IMHO its still popular after nearly 7 years (i think!)

typo couple of seconds

  martd77 11:31 23 Feb 2007

Trial version came up at 35hrs to download so i went and bought this second hand for a fiver.It says its verssion 1.12 august 2006,i realised we would have to update it but it seems never ending with 500mb downloads,
anyway thanks eventually i suppose he will get to play the game

  silentwalker 11:47 23 Feb 2007

WoW, as been said, is one of those online games that updates and patches every month and so the game changes from the original CD/DVD.

Now I can only speak for EverQuest 1 and 2 and Vanguard, and have no idea if you can do this with WoW, but for the former games you can file copy the whole game folders from one PC to another and as long as you use the patch downloader exe file, which you would normally do, to start these games. They run as normal and there is no need to spend hours downloading off the net all you need is a friend willing to let you borrow their PC to transfer the latest files.

thats a very old program! when you get to v 2.08.6403 you're there

  dazza39 11:50 23 Feb 2007

Its one the things you have to live with i'm afraid a lot of online games are released followed by a raft of patches,never understood why game devs couldn't sort all this out before relaesing a game it would save time.

if the blizzard site is busy it can get quite slow to download, when i recently had to reinstall due to a virus (have bought an external hdd since)
i found downloads from here were much faster you can get any game patch from here the kind people from sierra (F.E.A.R.) directed me to them
click here

its not just repair patches with wow, they change the game to keep it interesting, the game i play now is very different to the game i played 6 months ago

  Kate B 12:07 23 Feb 2007

There are quite a few mirrors you can download WoW patches from (it was released in 2005, btw, it's not seven years old). If you Google "Wow patches" you'll find plenty of them and they're much faster than downloading via the WoW installer, which needs you to forward a port on your router and uses torrents.

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