world map

  denis93c 01:48 20 Oct 2004

i am very interested in maps,first of all,why can i not find a free map of our own world(i mean not a blurry picture),sites i have seen want money!
gods sake,it`s our (all of us)planet.
i do understand it costs money to make maps,but surley goverments should inform and teach nations.
nothing here pc just pc.

  JonnyTub 01:52 20 Oct 2004

this any good click here

  JonnyTub 01:55 20 Oct 2004

or this one? click here

  JonnyTub 01:56 20 Oct 2004

if so, right click and save picture as...

there doesn't seem to be any copyright on them

  Djohn 02:32 20 Oct 2004

click here Big download but can see earth from space and across any continent, zoom in to street level, constantly updated. Nasa.

  Djohn 02:34 20 Oct 2004

Screen shots from above application. click here

  JonnyTub 02:41 20 Oct 2004

We really shouldn't be up this late Djohn :-)

excellent link, ta very much, downloading it myself.

  GroupFC 09:23 20 Oct 2004

JT is right - excellent link but you are right about the size of the download - no good for those of us still on dial-up!

  krypt1c 11:21 20 Oct 2004

I'm with you all. Great site. Great tool. But it's a 250mb download. I've just started to download it and my download manager says it'll take about 1hr 25mins [I'm on broadband] so if you're on dial-up it'll take circa 10x this.

  krypt1c 11:22 20 Oct 2004

PS here are the specs required to use it click here

  spuds 11:33 20 Oct 2004

I know this is not under the original request, but as it is a world matter I thought that this link click here could be of interest.Covers holidays and special days around the globe.

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