working remotely with VNC

  bythor 11:29 02 Nov 2006

Hi. I'm currently trying out VNC for connecting (from my desktop) to my kids bedroom computer (laptop), and to my sisters pc which is somewhere out there in tinternet.
I can view the desktop from the laptop, but not the other way around. I can't connect at all to the internet one. Any ideas?

  bythor 11:30 02 Nov 2006

forgot to mention that I'm using a BT Home hub. I'm not too savvy on networking so idiot speak would be great!!

  mgmcc 12:23 02 Nov 2006

When trying the other way round, have you restarted VNC in both machines, changing between "Server" and "Viewer" as appropriate?

Is there any Firewall software running in the laptop that needs to be configured to allow access to the other computer in the network?

<<< I can't connect at all to the internet one. >>>

Are you accessing it by entering its IP address into the connection box? Also bear in mind that, depending on the method of connection to the internet, a different IP address may be allocated for each online session.

  bythor 12:31 02 Nov 2006

thanks for helping. Yes, I've tried restarting between server and viewer, and even rebooting, but no change.
On the remote pc, yes I'm entering the ip that comes up when the remote pc hovers over the server icon. However, I think this might be the ip between pc and router? Could this be the case?

  bythor 12:45 02 Nov 2006

the connection between desktop and laptop is ok now - I may well ahve not shut servers/viewers down properly after all. I'm afraid I've been round so many corners that I'm forgetting which permutations I've tried!
So, thanks for helping there. Now I need advice on connecting to the outside world.

  mgmcc 14:00 02 Nov 2006

<<< Now I need advice on connecting to the outside world. >>>

Firstly, your sister's PC has to have VNC (the version I use is "RealVNC") running in Server mode and obviously she needs to be connected to the internet. You need to know her current IP address and her VNC Password to connect, which you enter into your dialog box when you launch VNC in Viewer mode. Her IP address is entered as the "VNC Server" you are connecting to.

You should then have her screen displayed in your PC. This assumes that her PC is connected directly to the internet, i.e that she doesn't have a router between her PC and the ISP. If she does, her PC will have a Local Area Network IP address and "Port Forwarding" to that LAN address will have to be set up in the router.

  bythor 14:16 02 Nov 2006

Ok, i understand that part now, and we're using RealVNC too. Yes, she is using a router, so from what you say I need to get it set up for port forwarding. I'll see what can be done over the phone, as it looks like I only have her local address. Thanks for your help, I may need to re-post if I get stuck on the port forwarding bit later.

  rodriguez 17:01 02 Nov 2006

click here - that should give you information on port forwarding the HomeHub so that you can use VNC. I also use VNC, and had to set up port forwarding on mine, and after I did that it worked with no problems.

  bythor 21:54 02 Nov 2006

thanks for that. I'll do it tomorrow - if I call my sis tonight I'll get the hub stuffed somewhere unpleasant! ;->
I post here again when done.

  bythor 22:19 02 Nov 2006

by the way - if I'm going to be the 'viewer', which router needs the port forawrding set up - viewer or server or both?

  mgmcc 23:02 02 Nov 2006

Port forwarding needs to be set up on the router with the *SERVER* PC connected to it. The Viewer will be accessing the IP address of the remote computer's internet connection and it is there that the port (5900) needs to be forwarded to the LAN IP address of the Server PC.

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