Is this a working proposion?

  Davella 00:37 27 May 2003

Hi Tekkies (and Flecc)
came across this click here
Do you think it will work?

  eccomputers 01:16 27 May 2003

I dont see why not, but all this because of the noise of a hard drive? Im amazed because the noisiest thing on my pc is the cd-rom. The only problem I can see is the swap file. If all of the necessary windows are loaded into memory and you start running other applications, it has to lock up because the memory will become too fragmented. 98 hasnt got the best memory management system in the world.
To summarise, I personally think its a lot of work to achieve very little. If noise is that much of a problem, put the damn pc into an acoustic case with a big fan on it.

  Dr. Charles 03:04 27 May 2003

It seems to me he is booting from CD`s instead of a HD, which is sort of minimising his requirements. I suppose you can do this, but I cannot see why except for completing an experiment.

The guy talking about it was trying to keep noise down. I wonder if you could do this using a "Memory Stick"???? Maybe.



  powerless 04:25 27 May 2003

"I wonder if you could do this using a "Memory Stick"???? Maybe."

Well newer BIOS's can be booted from then so most likely it can be done.

  powerless 04:30 27 May 2003

"The closest thing I've heard of to rewritable ROM would be the new USB keys that offer 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and even 1gb of storage on something the size of a lip stick. Some new motherboards can boot from these and they're widely seen as the replacement of floppy disk drives on PC's. The only thing stopping me from doing a USB key diskless PC was the lack of USB bootup in my PC's BIOS."

So he was thinking of it.

  Dr. Charles 10:16 27 May 2003

Its frightening when I look back on almost 45 years of computing how fast the technology is moving.

Every week something new is coming out and its not just an "Improvement"its "Original Thoughts" and items.

I know I work in a "Rut" of the Unix world and one must applaud most new technology but its going too fast for me. How the FE and PCA keep up with things to publish I simply don`t know.

You "Young Lads" have all this to keep up with and it will go faster yet. I firmly believe I shall see the "Beam me aboard Scottie" idea for travel in my lifetime.



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