Workgroup Printer Sharing - XP Pro and Home

  Gaz W 18:55 02 Feb 2008

Hi all,

I've just got back from setting up a new computer running XP Pro with printer sharing. There are about 3 computers in the house, running different versions of XP. The "main" (new) one is the one running XP Pro, and this was joined onto the workgroup today (MSHOME).

I set the printer to share and had it printing from the XP Home machine in no time. Problem solved I thought, and went home.

Just had a call saying that after the XP Home machine is restarted, it wouldn't print.

The only way to do this is to attempt (via Explorer) to connect to the other PC and then enter its username and password - it will NOT remember this under any circumstances. This was supplied when adding the printer on the XP Home machine too.

I've found out since that due to the extra security of XP, it is required that you use the same user account name and password on each machine to work around the problem.

However, that is inconvenient, since the PC has multiple users, so in short I have decided it'd be easier to just make a simple script (batch file if you will) to run on the XP Home PC.

What I intend to do is to get it to connect to the other PC somehow, and automatically provide the username and password. I've been thinking along the lines of the "net logon" command... but I can't think what I'd be doing.

For reference:

Main PC (XP Pro) Name: experience
Second PC (XP ome) Name: stuart

Workgroup: MSHOME

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


  Kemistri 20:29 02 Feb 2008

" is required that you use the same user account name and password on each machine to work around the problem"

A myth, and my networks - in which there are a variety of user account names and permission levels, some with passwords and some without - are proof of that.

  Gaz W 00:40 03 Feb 2008

When I think about it, that can't be correct, as I've set up at least one without doing that before. The difference was, the PC with the printer was running XP Home and the one accessing it was XP Pro.

So, any ideas?

All I really need is the command to "log on" to the other computer to access its resources, as it will not let it access anything without this, for whatever reason!

  Gaz W 18:06 03 Feb 2008

Any ideas?

  recap 18:15 03 Feb 2008

click here it may help?

  Gaz W 19:43 03 Feb 2008

Sharing it isn't the problem. I've shared loads of printers in the past without this problem.

The problem I have is that, although the shared printer seems to be reconnected every logon, an error occurs unless you try and access the computer on which the shared printer is situated, by typing its path (\\experience\c$) or whatever and navigating to it.

You are then prompted for a password to connect, after which everything is fine - printing works.

It's just annoying that this has to be done every single time the PC is restarted, when there must be a much more simple way.

I think it must be a permissions thing, but Everyone has full control!

  recap 20:32 03 Feb 2008

Check sharing permissions and the security setting for the network, especially on the XP Pro machine.

  Gaz W 20:41 03 Feb 2008

Yeah, that's been checked.

Have just tried something that might have solved it - waiting to hear if it remains OK after a restart.

Basically I've suggested deleting all printers from the "client" PC.

In a command prompt the following was entered:

net use lpt2 \\experience\hpdj4180 /p:yes

This worked.

On the same machine, a LOCAL PRINTER was added on LPT2, and the drivers were installed from the original HP disc. This has meant it successfully printed - it just remains to be seen whether it will reconnect properly at logon every time.

  Gaz W 20:48 03 Feb 2008

OK it didn't - definitely permissions somewhere - not sure what I've missed. Full access has been set to the printer on its security tab...

Everyone (print, modify, etc)
Network printer service (whatever it's called)

ALL have full control to do everything.

And it still won't work.

It's so easy to set up on a domain - just specify the users/groups you want to give access and that's it, but these workgroups are a pain!

  recap 13:15 04 Feb 2008

XP Home users access shared folders through the Guest account, which is disabled by default in XP Pro. Try enabling the Guest account in XP Pro and see if that helps.

  Kemistri 15:13 04 Feb 2008

It won't affect it. None of the XP Pro clients in my networks have their guest accounts enabled, with no adverse effects. The Home clients don't have it activated either.

Gaz -- have you configured your clients' firewalls 100% correctly? Opened up LAN file sharing permissions if necessary? Have you ensured that the XP firewall was turned off again after you enabled file and printer sharing on each client? (It re-activates itself at that point). Which firewalls do you use? I have had excellent results from things like Comodo, Kaspersky, Jetico and Outpost, but problems with a number of others. Kerio, for example, interfered with access permissions when I tested it last year.

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