Workgroup not accessible - Network Path not found

  gh_funchal 13:50 06 Jul 2008

I have a desktop pc running Windows 2000 and a laptop running Vista. Both are connected to a Linksys wireless-G ADSL router with 4 port switch. Both laptop and destop pc can access the internet via the router but cann ot see each other. When I ping the laptop from the destop nothing is returned and vice versa.
I then also connected a remote access storage device to the router via a cable into one of the ports in the router. The storage device shows up on the laptop but not the desktop. The problem therefore must be with the desktop pc (Win 2000).
When I look in 'My Network Places\Computers near me' I get the message "Workgroup is not accessible - The Network Path was not found".
Any ideas anyone?

  daxian 16:41 06 Jul 2008

HI GH.....
this will be the firewall rules on one of the pc's
disable the firewall on each pc while you sort out the net work then re-enable one at a time and allow net work traffic.Dave.

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