Workgroup not accessible

  nick_ches 18:22 21 Dec 2005

Im setting up a third computer on my network. I currently have one XP and one XP pro sharing files and a printer.

I added my laptop to the network and get the internet connection setup no porblems. But... when I go to view the shared files by Viewing Workgroup Computers, it shows my workgroup but wont let me access the list. I get the message... "Workgroup is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource.... The list of servers for this workgroup is currently not available"

Ive checked permissions and all have admin.

Any thoughts?

  mgmcc 09:16 22 Dec 2005

Have you updated any firewall settings to take account of the new PC's IP address in the "trusted" area?

  nick_ches 09:37 22 Dec 2005

I tried turning off the firewall which made no difference. I have added it to the trusted sites under "Internet Options > Security Tab", also no change.

  mgmcc 19:59 22 Dec 2005

Have you set at least one folder as "shared" in the new PC because, in Windows XP, File & Printer Sharing is disabled by default?

Sharing a folder, will prompt you to enable F. & P. Sharing if it hasn't already been enabled.

  nick_ches 14:27 23 Dec 2005

Tried to add another folder to shared list but the same error comes up.

The laptop does not show in the workgroup on both of the other computers.

  mgmcc 14:58 23 Dec 2005

<<< The laptop does not show in the workgroup on both of the other computers >>>

What happens if you enter its path directly into the address bar in "My Network Places" in the form:


\\192.168.x.x\ (obviously repacing "x" with the correct numbers)



  nick_ches 12:27 24 Dec 2005

Putting \\computer_name directly into the address bar returns "Windows cant find \\computer_name. Check the spelling..."

If I go to add a netowrk place and try \\computer_name, returns "Windows requires a share to publish to. Please try another location."

  mgmcc 12:53 24 Dec 2005

Just a thought - when I originally suggested updating firewall settings to take account of the new laptop, I meant in the *two existing* PCs, not the new laptop. The problem has to be with the existing network which is blocking access from the laptop.

  nick_ches 13:17 02 Jan 2006

Tried turning off the firewall on each computer. Rebooted and it made no difference.

Ive had an ongoing problem with a program which runs VOIP phone over the network. When I try to connect over the network I get a message saying "The proxy is not responding. If a VPN client is needed to access the proxy, please start the client". Any idea what a VPN client is? Maybe there is something with the netowrk which is setup wrong.

Thanks mgmcc!

  mgmcc 14:30 02 Jan 2006

"VPN" is Virtual Private network. A VPN client would generally be used to access files located on a computer at work from another PC or laptop at a remote location and over the internet. You would know if you had VPN software installed, it isn't part of the domestic Windows networking software. That reference to VPN is almost certainly a "red herring".

I'm really not sure what else to suggest. The two most common issues are (1) that folders haven't been set as "shared" in all PCs and (2) firewall software is blocking access. There can also be problems with XP "Pro" denying access unless you are logged in to "client" PCs with a Username/Password that matches the XP Pro login, but you are already accessing Pro from Home Edition, so that shouln't be an issue. It also wouldn't account for the new laptop's inability to access the other Home Edition PC. having said that, have you tried accessing the Home Edition PC from the new laptop while the XP Pro PC is *not* running?

  nick_ches 13:09 03 Jan 2006

Have tried using the laptop alone with the XP home computer and same errors occur. I'll try to setup a user on each with the same password and username, and let you know.


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