Work laptop - virus infection help!

  Teddy27 23:40 19 Mar 2014


My work laptop is infected with a basic Cheshire Police scam virus. However, it shuts down everything and has a front page I can not remove. I have not used the laptop for months as I have been provided with a desktop.

Work now want the laptop back. Youtube shows how to remove the virus manually but I am struggling to do this as I can not access safe mode due to it being a network laptop. If I could and there was no record of me doing so I could quite easily follow the online instructions and remove it.

Any advice on how I can not end up losing my job? At present I think I either 'lose' the laptop or physically destroy the laptop.

There was a thief caught at work a couple of months ago so I could 'lose' the laptop and pin the blame on the thief (no longer works at company and owned up to small theft). However, I obtained the virus at home when 'perusing' the internet and I am worried work could check their records and see I was on a standard adult website when the virus was contracted. To further, I do not think they can trace where the laptop resides (especially if I do not turn it on) but it could be a risk. The company I work for is a medium sized operation c.7000 employees. My worry here is if they ask the police to investigate and they find the laptop at my house!

I know nothing about laptops so any help is gratefully received.


  spuds 23:51 19 Mar 2014

Are you suggesting that any of the volunteer's offering their services for free on this forum, should perhaps help you to commit a crime in covering up your previous actions?.

  aitch2 08:03 20 Mar 2014

You do not have to have been perusing 'dodgy' sites to have picked up this virus. It is a scam as you have probably found out, so don't pay any money to have it cleared. The same scam appears with a number of different headings; eg: Strathclyde Police, City of Birmingham, RCMP, etc etc.(it's worldwide)

I had exactly the same as you and found that although I tried to follow the methods outlined after a google search and You Tube videos, that I was still unsuccessful. I could not access the computer from Safe Mode as that was locked up as well. I put a question on the Tech Helproom (Ukash scam problems again). Have a look. In the end I took the computer to my local shop and explained the problem. 24hrs later it had been removed, crap on computer had been cleaned out as well, and now it's 'flying' quicker than before. Cost me £25. but well worth it. He also told me that so far that month he had done about 10-12 Ukash clean-ups. Might be your bets option before returning it to work. Good luck & hope this helps. Aitch

  onthelimit1 11:58 20 Mar 2014

I've been able to remove this on numerous occasions using Hitmanpro with kickstart. This is free of charge and will fit on a memory stick which you then boot from.

  Jollyjohn 12:13 20 Mar 2014

Talk to the IT dept. at your work, the first thing they will probably do is restore the laptop to factory settings and therefore wipe the hard drive.

Personally I would not waste any time trying to fix the laptop, just give it back.

If there is any thing on it you need your IT dept. at work may be able to recover it . But reading your post that you haven't used the laptop for months then I doubt there is anything worth recovering.

  nickf 20:16 20 Mar 2014

Hitman pro kick start has worked for me too , tho I burnt it to CD . You will just have to check the boot sequence in bios , and set cdrom to first boot .

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