Work ISP help and publishing probs (long one)

  Lord Isleworth 11:06 09 Jul 2004

I have been trying to swuitch over from FP2000 to Dreamweaver MX for a couple of months. To cut a long and tedious story short I host with a company that allow frontpage extensions. This works perfectly and I file/publish and everything works great. On looking at Dreamweaver MX 2004 you can download extensions that mirror the frontpage extension process and I thought bingo - can switch to DW and then replicate the frontpage sites in dreamweaver and publish in dreamweaver and have all the added benefits etc.
Problem is that the extension loads but won't work.
I then went down the road of looking into secure ftp and again my work is support tested it in consultation with the host. It works but I work for a gov organisation and they won't allow secure ftp. As do not want to punch holes in network :(
So I have a few questions
At the moment I will be allowed to have a stand alone box or laptop and have to set up an internet account with somebody. Seems a complete waste of time but after wasteing 5 months tooling around I think this is the best option.
A. what is the best way of doing this? Should i sign up for a cotract with an isp? is there isps that allow you to connect using a line and charge as you go. I know wanadoo etc do pay as you go but what if you are a firm?
Has anyone else switched to dreamweaver and got the extension working for old dreamweaver sites.
I keep getting "unable to resolve host the url is invalid" when trying to "put" the file up. After lengthy email discussion with host came back saying we run run UNIX rather than M$ IIS servers so it is unlikely to work.
I know quite a bit about frontpage after using since 98 but but not server side stuff.
Anyone got any advise on how best to proceed.
In a nutshell I want to get on Dreamweaver and if a standalone dial up allows me to then so be it. How best to proceed?

  Lord Isleworth 09:59 12 Jul 2004


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