Words of Caution

  J B 11:59 14 Oct 2005

Yesterday I wrote a thread, threadid213785 about comparing Everest Home Edition to CS Fire Monitor. Well I am glad thar no one took up the invitation, for today I did my normal anti virus scan and when it finished I found that the program I downloaded from majorgeeks.com, CS Fire monitor was loaded with Adware. What a B****up on my part. So the only thing I can do is slap my face, because I made the mistake of not scanning the software while it was being downloaded. I definitely won't be making that goof up again. So I guess once bitten twice shy is the operative phrase for me now. Enough said on the subject, and good morning to all who read this lament. J.B.

  961 12:03 14 Oct 2005

Don't worry. We've all been there

  Belatucadrus 21:09 14 Oct 2005

I downloaded CS Fire Monitor using the Majorgeek European mirror and while I don't rate it when compared to Everest, the interface is too stylised and fussy. I didn't find any Spy/Ad ware in it and I've checked using deep scan with Microsoft Anti Spyware, Spybot S & D, SpyDefense and avast! AV. What found the Adware ?

  J B 23:19 14 Oct 2005

My trusty Norton anti virus. They listed it as adware and also a threat . It was located in the CS Fire Monitor's set up files. While I had the program installed, for no reason the program was trying to access the internet and I was being asked to connect when I was working off line and not connected to the internet itself. I also thought that the interface was to fussy,and there was to much non essential informaton for me anyway. I now have Everest Home Edition, along with Belarc for the software side of it. J.B.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:39 15 Oct 2005

It seemst that the scource code to CS Fire Monitor is freely available so it could be that someone has reworked it; I am surprised that MajorGeeks are hosting such a version though.

  Belatucadrus 09:25 15 Oct 2005

Well there are various geek locations to choose from, maybe one has been tweaked. The European download seems OK. It could also be a false positive, but without knowing precisely what Norton detected it's all guesswork.

  J B 10:23 15 Oct 2005

The only thing that I can say is that Norton classified the threat as adware with no specific title to it. I did check with Symantec, bit couldn't find anything specific such as title or description of the threat. I did download it from the Florida sight, however I will download from the European sight from now on. One other thing is that I only use Geek and Download.com unless someone recommends another site from this forum. We will see. J.B.

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