Word2000 -spell check persists in US

  jack 12:10 19 May 2005

Having OCR'ed a doc and inserted into a piece I am doing in Word 2000, I noticed there was much 'Red and Green' so I ran spell check.
I then noticed that although my spell check is set to U.K. English, whilst running through the OCR'ed piece it went to U.S.- [The doc has a U.S. origin]
and I had to manually change the U.S. spellings
So- does a document carry a hidden mark to indicate what spelling is in use?

  Completealias 13:15 19 May 2005

Quite possibly,

Pictures can carry hidden information as I have tried to scan some into photoshop and it refuses to open them so the same could be true of written documents

  Donpaul 13:18 19 May 2005

Yes. Tools/Language sets the language. Every part can be set to a different language. Many documents have parts in different languages and Word applies a different dictionary to each as specified. You could select all and change the language to UK English.

  Peter 16:04 19 May 2005


Do as Donpaul suggests, but make sure you select the whole document (CTRL-A) and then change the language setting. The OCR programme I use leaves the document set as American for spelling.


  jack 20:22 19 May 2005

Thank you one and all for yet another kernal to put in my book of gems

  jack 09:06 20 May 2005

Hey wait wait a mo'
I found may self thinking [for a change] and nothing I wrote made much sense, yet I got such sensible replies.........

OCRing a doc [A phtocopy]means scanning it to a an image file [TIFF in my case]then OCR kicks in and 'reads' the characters.
Dont think there is any imbedded code there........

  dewskit 12:13 20 May 2005

Certainly I have this happen when using Caere Omniword Pro to OCR documents. It always seems to set the language to US English, and often tries to change the paper size to US Letter, even though the original was on A4 paper.

  lotvic 14:21 20 May 2005

Seems like it must be the OCR that is set to US

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