Word XP status bar problem - not solved

  MichaelPaul 14:27 22 Feb 2005

I'm still missing Page and Ln as active ingredients of the status bar. What I get, when I open a document (old or new), is a character count, which I don't want.
What i get when I move the cursor over the greyed-out Page and Ln is 'Go to', which I don't want either.
How do I get Page and Ln to carry out what I've always thought of as their normal function of simply teling me where I am in the document?

  VoG II 14:28 22 Feb 2005

P l e a s e

stick to one thread.

  VoG II 14:28 22 Feb 2005
  MichaelPaul 14:58 22 Feb 2005

Sorry - I'll stick to this thread till I get an answer.
I have just tried Detect and Repair and it makes no difference.
I presume that the Page, At and Ln facilities (which I'm used to from Word 2000) are available in XP, so where are they? All I get is Sec and Col.

  VoG II 15:04 22 Feb 2005

You are not in Web Layout view are you? Change using the buttons, bottom left just above the status bar.

  MichaelPaul 15:38 22 Feb 2005

Thanks, but no I'm not. But it does seem to work if I switch to layout view and then back to normal view, so let's leave it at that: thanks for your patience.

  ventanas 16:03 22 Feb 2005

Just checked on my copy of Word (2003).

Page; at; Ln and Col appear in Print Layout and Normal (if you change from print to normal)

They also appear in Outline (and again Normal if you change directly to it).

They do not appear in Web Layout, and if you switch to Normal from this, only at and col light up.

So its a matter of getting the sequence right.

  MichaelPaul 10:04 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for this last contribution: only caught up with it this morning because of Virgin server problems yesterday.

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