Word XP files in Open Office.

  Mester 16:16 01 Feb 2009

I've already looked through the archives but I'm just getting myself even more confused so thought I'd ask.

I have a file that was created in MS Office XP Pro and saved as a Doc. file.

Since the file was created I've had to do a complete reinstall on my desktop and can't find the product key for my MS Office disc's. As I have Open office 3 I thought I'd use this to make the additions I need to make. The only problem is that when I have then saved it as a .doc file and sent it to a friend with MS office, the formatinf is all off. I then tried to make the same additions/alterations in MS Works 9 and saved as a .doc file but the same problems arrise with the formatting.

Any ideas?

TIA, Tony

  TonyV 16:26 01 Feb 2009

I notice in OpenOffice 3, there is a facility to save in Word XP format. Was it that facility you clicked on or was it one of the other .doc savings that are available that you used?


  Mester 17:41 01 Feb 2009


Thanks for your response. I had another look and realised it's Office 2000 Pro and not XP Pro.

Any way I had a go at reinstalling it to see how far i'd get with out the Product key. It turns out I don't need one (probably why I can't find it). So I fully installed it and then went to the Office Update site and downloaded all the latest fixes and patches for it.

All is now well.

Thanks again, Tony

  TonyV 18:49 01 Feb 2009

Glad to hear you fixed it.


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