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  Kaacee 16:06 21 Jul 2009

I have just spent the last hour putting right my PC after foolishly installing Kapersky 2010 Free Trial.......

I have always used AVG and ZA to protect me from nasties, but having heard so many good reviews about Kap. I decided to give it a go for a month, after all it wasn't going to cost anything so nothing to lose...BIG MISTAKE.

Having deleted AVG and ZA as per recommendation I then followed the instructions to the letter only to find that once installation was complete, although my PC booted up ok,I could not access either the internet or any other apps and could only remove it from my PC via safe mode.

Is this because i was using the "free" version because to be honest, just after it installed it was saying "at risk" because ONLY the free version was being used and I was recommended to update to full version.

I have always been of the "if it ain't broke don't mend brigade" so why I decided to give this a go, God only knows, but never again, I will stick with the tried and tested in future.

  citadel 17:48 21 Jul 2009

I have kaspersky on my pc and it works great but it was a paid for version on a new hard drive. I never install stuff from pc mag discs.

  rawprawn 17:52 21 Jul 2009

You should have no trouble with KIS trial, you say
"Having deleted AVG and ZA as per recommendation "
I suspect that you have not cleared everything out of the registry.
How did you "delete" AVG & ZA ?

  Kaacee 19:33 21 Jul 2009

Wasn't off a PC mag disc, it was from KIS own site.

Used Revo to remove AVG and ZA, which as you probably know cleans out registry leftovers aswell.

  nja1980 16:55 27 Sep 2009

Funny that, I've got Kaspersky 2010 3 user and I've had very few problems. I had Kaspersky 7 beforehand which was very good. Kaspersky also bangs out trojans and other malicious files.
The only thing I would knock Kaspersky 2010 for would be the instruction manual is quite undescriptive.
I have heard that free internet anti-virus security is quite poor. Plus with purchasing the disk, you will always have that if things go pear shaped.
Most magazine's promise useful stuff on their discs but in reality it is a gimmic.

  ol blueeyes 19:22 27 Sep 2009

Never had a problem with Kaspersky which I've had a couple of years now FREE from Barclays Bank.

  Strawballs 21:38 27 Sep 2009

went out and bought Kaspersky soon went back to AVG

  Stuartli 21:41 27 Sep 2009

>>I have heard that free internet anti-virus security is quite poor>>

You've not used Avast! then?

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