Word Repair

  OK Computer 14:06 03 Jul 2003

Does anyone know of any Microsoft Word Repair tools that are either freeware or shareware??

I have tried WordFix and Word Recovery but both are demo versions that splash DEMO all over your recovered document.

And I know i'm being cheap but hey!

  -pops- 14:11 03 Jul 2003

Word has its own repair facility.

Click in Help and then Detect and Repair. It will scan and perhaps ask you to insert the appropriate disk into the CD drive and away you go.

No need to spend any money.

  OK Computer 14:12 03 Jul 2003

Thanks but should have mentioned I already tried the Word Repair Util but I was missing a considerable chunk of the info

  -pops- 14:14 03 Jul 2003

In the circumstances then, I don't think there is much for it than to re-install. If the dedicated repair facility can't do it, I would doubt that an ousider could either.

  Jester2K II 14:15 03 Jul 2003

What are you trying to repair? Installation of Word or a Word Document?

  OK Computer 14:17 03 Jul 2003

Its a Word Document that I need to repair not the installation, sorry getting people confused here!!!

  OK Computer 14:18 03 Jul 2003

I was talking about the Word Recovery that comes with Word as standard before and didnt read your email properly Pops

  Lú-tzé 14:25 03 Jul 2003

I have found that the best means of doing this is to open the document with a plain text editor such as metapad. Then get rid of all the uninteligable stuff and save the text as best you can. You may lose formatting, particularly if you are using tables / columns, footnotes etc.

  VoG II 22:12 03 Jul 2003

You didn't mention which version of Word. This click here works with versions from 97 upwards but if you post the version it may be that there are other possibilities.

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