Word - Prompt to save changes in viewed document

  Patr100 23:30 24 Jan 2004

Just a minor thing but haven't quite worked out the reason , unless I've missed something obvious.

Word 2002 - When closing a Word doc that has just been opened but not altered in any way - ie viewed only, why do I sometimes get the prompt to save the changes - (when there aren't any changes ) but often not? Is it time based because I have ticked "allow background saves" in Tools/options?

Comments invited.

  woodchip 23:37 24 Jan 2004

It happens to us all, I get it if I look at my Quicken account when I shut it ask's if I want to backup although no changes have been made. Just a quirk I think

  Djohn 01:09 25 Jan 2004

Happens to me as well in XP Word. Only with two or three of the many hundreds of saved documents I have. I deleted one of the documents once, [Just a letter to a friend]. Then re-typed it out fresh, gave it a different heading, saved and tried again. Same thing, always ask me if I want to save or not after just viewing only.

Must be an answer, but not yet found it. j.

  daba 09:43 25 Jan 2004

Usually if the document contains any 'automatic' references, like page numbers, or date/time info.

These are updated as the document opens, hence the 'dirty' flag gets set

  Patr100 19:00 25 Jan 2004

Hmm. maybe an auto-format type thing or an MS quirk. Maybe a pattern will emerge.Thanks for thoughts.

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