becster99 10:30 14 Sep 2012

after many hours trying to decide which is the best option for creating a website for my fairy light business i think i've narrowed it down to wordpress and joomla. Does anyone have any advice about which is the most user friendly, economical and effective option for my small business. I'm looking to sell my product, rather than create a blog about it. Also i'm somewhat confused about the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. any advice welcomed - thanks!

  Ansolan 20:10 14 Sep 2012

I inherited a Wordpress based site a few years ago and rebuilt it when I couldn't make any sense of it.

Coincidentally, I've taken the same path with Joomla a few times. Not a tool for the inexperienced and as you said, there are better ideas than Wordpress + plugin for ecommerce. A few in the other thread in case they help.

  LastChip 13:43 16 Sep 2012

You haven't explained clearly want you want to do. You've said, "I'm looking to sell my product", but what does that mean? Do you want a fully fledged on-line store, or are you simply looking for essentially an on-line showroom for your product that brings enquiries to you?

Until you explain clearly what your objectives are, accurate advice is going to be pretty impossible.

As others have said, Wordpress is fundamentally a bog platform. While you can (and I have) produced websites on Wordpress, it's far from ideal and extremely limited without an awful lot of work, to do anything with. Frankly, it's a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Joomla I've never worked with, but am investigating at present for a possible future project. Research has shown many Estate Agents use is as their preferred platform, which suggests it's more suited to on-line stores than Wordpress.

However, I prefer OpenCart for ecommerce, as it's relatively lightweight and works well.

All three require a database backend.

If you simply want a "showroom" website, all three are a seriously large overkill, and there are far more simple methods to provide one.

So the morel of this post is, sit down and decide first exactly what your objectives are, both for now and into the future. Once you have those firmly in mind, it's far easier to determine the best way to produce it.

  LastChip 23:17 17 Sep 2012

It's a times like this an on-line editor would be worth its weight in gold ;-)

But yes, I too know the feeling!

  ianjones87 11:38 30 Oct 2012

Joomla is a lot more advanced than Wordpress, its that simple, Wordpress is great for blogs but if you want to extend the site into something more like ecommerce etc, than Joomla is the perfect choice

  konetkar500 12:50 11 Jan 2013

I think wordpress is more comfortable then joomla as anyone can customize it as per their need so i must recommend wordpress

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