Word playing up, what have I done ???

  rozelle 09:17 10 May 2004

Hi, This problem is so weird I will have difficulty detailing it but here goes. I have XP and Word 2,000. When I go into Word to open up a document the opening screen now has three toolbars along the top and on the left hand side of the bottom one there is an unusual panel headead Final Showing Markup - this has three sections if you action the drop down arrow. Final, Original Showing Markup and Original. Now normally when I go into OPEN, I just have a list of all the letters I have written and perhaps some other normal things. However, now I have additional entries and they all have the picture icon at the left hand side. These are indeed some of the pictures from My Pictures [not all] and when I go to open one I do not see the picture but a strange panel Headed File Conversion. This then asks you to select the encoding that makes your document readable. Windows Default, which has the dot by it then underneath, Ms-Dos and the third Option says Other encoding. There is also a greyed out panel with sort of strange fonts and instead of seeing the picture, there is a load of gibberish writing, maybe HTML, I am not sure. Whatever have I done to get quite a few of My Pics into this Word Section and why am I not able to view them as pictures? Why have I got three toolbars. Please can someone help???

  Stuartli 09:35 10 May 2004

If you go to Word Help and key in Final Showing Markup and then File Conversion, some clues will emerge.

  Taff36 09:38 10 May 2004

To sort the toolbars out - Right click any toolbar and uncheck the Reviewing toolbar (Plus any others you don`t want.

  Stuartli 09:40 10 May 2004

The funny characters are, apparently, known as Kanji compounds....

If you key in "Final Showing Markup File Conversion" into the Help it will bring up this subject.

  rozelle 10:33 10 May 2004

Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. For a short period, the Word Listings appeared normal after I opened but when I went out of Word and then back in, the pictures were once again in amongst all the letters and same situation, you could not open them as pictures and the File Conversion Panel comes up with the same three choices. I did uncheck reviewing, it remains unchecked but did not really get anywhere with keying in Final Showing Markup into Word Help. However, although the three toolbars do still remain, the little panel headed Final Showing Markup has disappeared from the bottom toolbar. This is such a horrible problem, why have all these pictures appeared where they shouldn't be, why did they disappear briefly and now have come back, I am going dizzy with trying to sort this out. Any other ideas please??????????????

  Taff36 10:36 10 May 2004

I think you are looking at your My Pictures instead of My Documents. When you go FILE OPEN a dialog box comes up. At the top it says "Look in" and the box next to it tells you where Word is looking. Click on the drop down arrow to the right and navigate back to My Documents. (I presume thats where your previous ones were stored. You cannot open pictures (e.g. jpg gif`s) in Word directly. You can open a word document and import a picture though.

By the way the reason I think you are looking in the wrong folder is because word remembers the last used folder from where you opened a document. You are looking at picture files not word documents.

  Stuartli 11:02 10 May 2004

I suggested you insert "Final Showing Markup File Conversion" into the Help search field.

  rozelle 11:32 10 May 2004

Hi again,

Stuartli, I am doing exactly what you suggested,
I go into help and type in "Final Showing Markup File Convesion"I just get a list of Tracked Changes and comments etc and they don't mean anything to me. The panel showing the heading Final Showing Markup has disappeared now off the toolbar but I am still in the same situation with having loads [but not all] of my picture titles showing up Word and not being able to open them as pictures and not knowing why they have appeared there. It is so frustrating becasue briefly earlier on, they did disappear - only to return after I went out of Word and back in again. I am at a complete loss as to which way to go. Taff36, I am definitely in My Documents and not My Pics so I think there might be a clue there as to what I may have done wrong - I was looking in My Pics last night but I don't recall messing around with any settings. I appreciate all the responses I am getting to this hideous problem.

  rozelle 12:09 10 May 2004

Bingo, mystery solved. My sister Eve came up with a suggestion. I went into Word, clicked on Open and then at the very bottom of the Listings Panel, there is a box for "Files of Type" - she got me to activate the drop down menu and select "All Word Documents" and YES, it did the trick, listings returned to normal and all pictures then disappeared from the list. I am now one happy bunny and would like to say how much I have appreciated all the responses - this is a fabulous forum, people always willing to spare the time to try to help.

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