Word is placing bigger spaces in between words

  bullys 10:35 13 Mar 2003

Word is placing bigger spaces in between words! Help

A user here printed a Word doc off a XP Machine, To a Laser Tower printer. What we noticed were spaces between words, which don’t look right at all? Example >>>> “Thanks for t he call a nd w il be lookin g forward in hearing from y ou soon” That’s what it looks like once it’s printed. But other than that its looks fine well before it goes to print.

Also. Having just installed Word and Access on that machine would it be a better idea in installing all the service packs for this. Would this help?

I run the same thing and print to the same printer & every things fine. Help !

Any Advise on this would be most help full cheers

  cherria 10:46 13 Mar 2003

Make sure the font you are using is a true type font (it will have a TT next to it in the font selection dropdown box if it is) that's all I can think of for the moment

  bullys 10:58 13 Mar 2003

Have checked that. and its is set to TRUE TYPE FONT.

Any other ideas, Please feel free to fire them thru. cheers

  Stuartli 11:29 13 Mar 2003

The answer, as always with these type of questions, lies in Word's (or any other MS program) Help files:

Select the text you want to change.

On the Format menu, click Font, and then click the Character Spacing tab.

Do one of the following:
To expand or condense space evenly between all the selected characters, click Expanded or Condensed in the Spacing box, and then specify how much space you want in the By box.

To kern characters that are above a particular point size, select the Kerning for fonts check box, and then enter the point size in the Points and above box.

Note Selecting Expanded or Condensed alters the spacing between all selected letters by the same amount. Kerning alters the spacing between particular pairs of letters."

  cherria 11:35 13 Mar 2003


Is there any need to be quite so caustic? In general people have a go at working out the cause of the problem first and then come here I'm sure.

As with all online help. The answer is easy to find if, and only if, you know what you are looking for in the vocabulary of the help file.

  bullys 12:12 13 Mar 2003

Like i said theres no noticing the spaces till AFTER i have printed. I can see that there are NO spaces . Once this doc has been printed i get 2 or 3 setences showing words with spaces in them.

  Djohn 12:14 13 Mar 2003

Sorry, but I don't see anything caustic in the reply from Stuartli. In fact it is a very detailed and helpful response.

  Djohn 12:17 13 Mar 2003

Could this be a problem with the printer not receiving the correct information from your PC?

Have you tried printing to a different printer?

  bullys 12:28 13 Mar 2003

Well thats it you see. I have tried printing from other printers. ANd i have tried many other Print drivers. Where all on the same network and i run the same set up as the problem holder. But that user is still getting spaces like >>>>>>>"hi ho pe this helps and s hould yo u have any mor e" <<<<< See thats what i get AFTER PRINT.

We also have roaming profiles here and when that user logs on to another machine its prints fine . so i have ruled out the printer.

What about 97 updates and service packs . are they any what solve this problem.

So what else can i do. ?

  Stuartli 20:03 13 Mar 2003


I merely made the perfectly reasonable point that answers to these type of questions are fully covered in the Help files; that's why they are called Help files.

I can assure you that if I was to make a caustic remark - and I've been known to make many hundreds, nay thousands, of them - you would be very aware that it was intended to be so...:-)

  AndyJ 20:38 13 Mar 2003

Can you tell if the font that is printing out with incorrect spaces is the same as that on the original document, or is it something near to it? It sounds remarkably like font substitution sometimes caused when printing to a postscript printer that has a Type 1 counterpart for the TTF font, and it's altering the character spacing to preserve the original line breaks .

Try changing the font temporarily on the document to another type other than Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica or Courier, and see if the problem disappears. If it does, it means that font substitution is the cause.

May, of course, be totally barking up the wrong tree :-)))

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