word picture transparancy

  conrail 10:55 16 Apr 2007

using xp home sp2, office xp, paint shop pro X1
I am creating a certificate for my grandaughter using word but when I place a picture of the certificate it has a white background, I have uses pspx1 to erase the background but it still shows on the picture when I paste into word, all ideas and help gratefully accepted, thanks

  Taff™ 11:20 16 Apr 2007

Is the picture just an image or does it contain the text as well? If you right click the image and select format picture, select the layout tab and then select "behind text" does this help?

  conrail 11:44 16 Apr 2007

thanks Taff™, the certificate does contain text but not the pictures, I have tried your suggestion but the background is still there, I just want to have the background transparent which it is in pspx1 but not when I import it back into work either via insert or copy and paste

  MAJ 12:13 16 Apr 2007

You say you're using Word, then Work (might be a typo) so I'll assume Word.

Word's pages are white, so a transparency will show as white. If you have your Word page a different colour, then insert the picture and go to View > Toolbars > Picture. When the picture toolbar appears, click on your picture to select it, then, on the Picture toolbar, click the "Set Transparent Color" icon (second from the right) then click on the colour in your picture that you want to be transparent, white in this case.

  megat193 14:51 16 Apr 2007

Which format are you saving the picture in pspx1?

  conrail 18:38 16 Apr 2007

thanks MAJ but the colour still appears as white,
I have saved the two images I am using as jpegs megat193

  MAJ 19:34 16 Apr 2007

Just a thought, conrail, coz I'm not 100% sure what way you're doing things, but if you have the certificate saved as a picture and are trying to paste another picture on top of it, then use layers in PSP. Promote the certificate to a layer, then paste the second picture on top as a second layer. Bear in mind that jpegs don't have transparency.

  conrail 09:35 17 Apr 2007

thanks MAJ, grandaughter (5) got her 1st certificate for dancing but unfortunately it got wet, dance teacher, a friend of wifes said she is unable to replace it so I am trying to replace it myself by creating my own from original, what is the best format for transparancy if jpegs dont work?

  MAJ 09:45 17 Apr 2007

Gifs or PNGs for transparency, conrail, but using layers and the selection tool (to extract part of an image) it should be relatively eay to place one selection on top of th'other in PSP, using your jpegs.

I might (I probably have) got the wrong idea of what you're trying to do. Have you scanned the previously wet certificate to give you a jpeg, onto which you want to paste another picture?

  wee eddie 10:27 17 Apr 2007

Are you using "Copy & Paste" or "Insert"?

Another possibility: You may need to "Crop" the picture you are using to get rid of the white.

I'd try the Insert function first

  conrail 11:26 17 Apr 2007

yesMAJ I have scanned the document into psp and managed to copy the image, a dancer, and worked with that, I will try the selection tool, don't know why I never thought of it!!!
I have used both copy & paste and insert wee eddie

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