from word to PDF for emailing a document

  Daisy22 14:41 13 Jul 2010

I have windows XP, with word 2007 and wondered if it is possible to convert a document from word or excel into a pdf document for emailing.

I've noticed most attachments I receive seem to be PDF ones and would like to do it myself, but do I need software or can all computers do it.


  wiz-king 14:46 13 Jul 2010
  canarieslover 14:55 13 Jul 2010

I use CutePDF Writer which installs like a printer so when you print the document you opt for that and then name the pdf file that it creates. Free version is all you need, second one down on this page.

click here

  AlanHo 15:02 13 Jul 2010

I am not sure about Office 2007 - but with Office 2010 you can "Save As" pdf.

  AlanHo 15:05 13 Jul 2010

There is an official free Microsoft add-on for Office 2007 to save files as a pdf.

click here

  Daisy22 20:03 15 Jul 2010

Thank you I'll try the office 2007 add on.

  BRYNIT 20:41 15 Jul 2010

Before you check for add ons for office 2007 when you click on save just look down the list you should find save as PDF.

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