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  sajeev 02:51 24 Apr 2009

I have created a document in Word which has several items linked to the web (Ctrl-Click) and also some embedded documents (Word and Excel format, plus some scanned forms).
When I try to convert the document to pdf using OpenOffice, the conversion goes through preserving the links to the web but the embedded documents cannot be accessed.
Is there any way to correct this?
Word 2002, OpenOffice 2.0

  BT 07:53 24 Apr 2009

Update Open Office to version 3.0? Don't know if it will help but its worth a try.

  Taff™ 08:07 24 Apr 2009

An embedded document I think is linked to the original file and this is why it cannot convert. Try copying and pasting the relevant areas and then convert to PDF. (Hopefully there aren`t too many!) Does that work?

  sajeev 13:48 24 Apr 2009

OpenOffice 3: same result
I did not want to paste the relevant documents into the main document as this makes the main document very large.

  Charence 14:04 24 Apr 2009

try a PDF Printer? click here

  wiz-king 14:43 24 Apr 2009

No point - PDF was invented to ensure that a document would print the same on another computer/printer combination - someone else's computer will not have access to the embedded material. Unless the files you want to embed are on a website you wont be able to link to them.

  sajeev 15:23 24 Apr 2009

Reading the specifics at the link provided, it doesn't seem likely that it will deal with embedded objects.
Anybody has experience with this software before?

  sajeev 15:42 24 Apr 2009

Are you saying that if I email the Word document with the embedded objects to a friend, he will not be able to see the embedded documents?
Please clarify.

  jamesd1981 19:50 24 Apr 2009

go to click here and download a program called SOME PDF TO WORD CONVERTER its free and converts document exactly.

  Simsy 20:39 24 Apr 2009

that there is some confusion here as to what "embedded" means...

"Embedded" means that the object in question becomes part of the new document... If the object is "linked" rather than embedded the recipient wouldn't have acces to the object;
"embedding" is including the actual object whereas "linking" is similar to including a hyperlink to it.

Now I suspect that your problem is that when you open the created "Word" document in OpenOffice, "OpenOffice" isn't properly converting the "embedded" objects, and therefore isn't able to convert them to .pdf.

Firstly, are you sure you are embedding, not linking?

Secondly, rather than use OpenOffice just to create a .pdf, try using a stand alone .pdf creator, such a Primopdf, or pdf995 or pdfFactory.

Allof these appear as "virtual" printers. All you'd have to do is "Print" the Word document, choosing the pdf creator as the printer, from the dropdown list of printers available.

It really is that easy! And I'm sure, if you are embedding, that it will solve things.

Of course, the other way is to create the whole document from scratch in OpenOffice, rather than Word!

Hope this helps,



  Simsy 20:43 24 Apr 2009

I've just re-read the original post;

"I did not want to paste the relevant documents into the main document as this makes the main document very large."

Which suggest's that what you are doing is "linking" not embedding.

I'm pretty sure that's the root of the problem!



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