Word in Office XP driving me mad

  toothwright 08:15 18 Jun 2003

I have just started using Word (XP) in Office XP

Every few seconds the cursor becomes an "hourglass" as though it's trying to save - it's driving me crackers.

What is happening and how do I switch it off?


  -pops- 08:42 18 Jun 2003

Check on what is ticked when you go to Tools, Options and click on the Save tab.


  keith-236785 08:47 18 Jun 2003

IT could be the auto save is set to a few seconds rather than Ten minutes as mine is in Office 2000, on the file menu click Tools/Options then the save tab, look for an entry near the bottom that says "save autorecover every" look at the box to the side of it, Mine says 10, if yours is 1 then autosave would kick in every minute.

1 Minute is the lowest setting in office 2000. so unless XP actually goes to seconds i dont think it will be this but worth a try perhaps.

good luck

  fitshase 10:04 18 Jun 2003

Check to see if the Speech function is not active. Click on tools and unselect Speech (if it is ticked).

This causes a slowdown of Word - as I found out when I thought it would be good to try. It was a nightmare!



  eccomputers 12:19 18 Jun 2003

you should try it on a network. I have downgraded back to 2000 cause it kept locking up when trying to insert pictures.

  toothwright 12:38 18 Jun 2003

Thanks for the suggestions guys - no change unfortunately.

May go back to "97" or 2000 which if the truth be known does more than everything I want it to.

  Gaz 25 12:48 18 Jun 2003

I think 2000 is far more reliable.

  Granger 15:45 18 Jun 2003

I find Office XP fine, had no trouble at all, unlike previous versions. Download SP1 and SP2 - this may help. Also look at language settings, remove unnecessary languages.

  toothwright 22:24 18 Jun 2003

Very remiss of me for closing the thread before thanking everyone for their input.

Have gone back to a previous version which suits me being a "bear of very little brain!!!"

Thanks very much to all.

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