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  conrail 20:23 25 Oct 2005

when trying to insert clipart into word, the clipart view down the right hand side does not show the clipart, each one looks like a small document, how can I get the clipart back to normal, this has just happened yet I have not changed anything or added/removed software, thanks

  Taff36 07:44 26 Oct 2005

Which version of Word are you using?

  conrail 08:52 26 Oct 2005

office xp

  Taff36 21:44 26 Oct 2005

I think I need to see a screenshot of this because I can`t replicate it. Send me a personal message via the "yellow envelope" and I`ll respond with my e-mail address.

  Taff36 09:27 30 Oct 2005

I`ve looked at the screenshot (two in fact) and in the clipart pane these files appear as folders i.e. no picture. The properties are typically:

File: C:\Documents and Settings\Harry\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content……

Catalogue:http: // office.microsoft.com

The properties also state open with Serif Photoplus 10. Now I have images with properties for that catalogue and similar file paths but I don`t have the Serif Program.

I think they are clipart downloaded from the MS Office Clipart gallery online but can`t be sure so we need some help from someone with the Serif program. In the meantime check this out for me:

1. In Windows Explorer go to Tools>Folder Options and on the file types tab confirm what .asp or .aspx files are associated with.

2. As you scroll down the insert clipart images are there normal clipart images?

  conrail 10:38 31 Oct 2005

thanks for your help Taff36, the ‘asp’ is associated with an ‘asp file’
there is no ‘aspx’ listed and I cannot find a listing for clip art

  Taff™ 12:40 31 Oct 2005

Sorry Conrail - I meant in Word when you scroll down the clipart pane are there normal clipart images? I assume you have loaded some clipart from the installation disks.

  wee eddie 12:56 31 Oct 2005

Unless you have installed the Clip art onto you HDD.

Many people do not install the Clip art as it takes quite a lot of space!

  conrail 16:22 31 Oct 2005

I can get a couple of clipart pics displayed, depending on what I search for, eg search for christmas gives me 1 picture of santa as a 'wmf' file but a lot of the 'aspx' files, doing a cars search gives me 3 pics the rest as 'aspx' files, doing theatre only gives me 'aspx' files, trying Run, Search, Find *.aspx files does not bring anything up

  Taff™ 08:44 01 Nov 2005

First check that you have the necessary files installed for Office XP. Go to add remove programs, select Office XP and then "Change" Once the installer has loaded expand the Office Shared Components and check that all the clip art components are installed - if not do it now.

You need to install the Office XP Clipart from the seperate Office media disc. You get the option of a full install which puts everything on the HDD or a partial which needs the disc in the drive to recover the images from the thumbnails in clipart. If you have the disc just insert it and follow the instructions.

I still don`t know about these .aspx files though. They must be something to do with Serif and they don`t appear to be much use if you can`t get a preview of the picture. Once you`ve done the above I think we can remove them using Clipart organiser in such a way that they will still be available for Serif but won`t appear in the clipart catalogue.

  conrail 11:43 01 Nov 2005

thanks Taff™, but that does not appear to have made much difference,
photo+ pictures save as *.Spp not aspx files

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