Word headings/Excel headings

  [email protected]® 15:14 25 Jul 2005

When using excel you can print a row title on each page using page setup/sheet/ and entering the row mumber in 'rows to repeat at top'. Can the same/similar be done in word when having loads of pages? Hope this can be understood!!

  Philwane 15:21 25 Jul 2005

You can use the Header & Footer in Word to print the same title on every page of your document hope this is what you meant?

  [email protected]® 15:28 25 Jul 2005

Its not! What I do is copy/paste a whole lot of data from excel into word. Then using format/columns I select two columns and all the data may take up 25 pages! What I want is the heading that I have in row 1 in excel to be row 1 on every page in word! Complicated I know!

  scotty 15:43 25 Jul 2005

Copy the excel data into a table in word. There is an option in the Table menu called "Heading Rows Repeat". This will repeat the selected rows at the top of each page.

  Taff36 15:55 25 Jul 2005

Nice One Scotty! And if that doesn`t work try this in Word:

View>Header/Footer - Then Insert>File - navigate to the excel file. Then select the worksheet name from the first drop down box and the row data in the second. (You have to type the Excel range in the second) It may not look right until you go to print preview but it should print right providing you format it correctly.

Are we getting any closer?

  [email protected]® 16:03 25 Jul 2005

Well scottys suggestion doesn't work because i am pasting cells on to the sheet and it goes all wrong and taffs suggestion is getting well complicated!

  Taff36 16:28 25 Jul 2005

Which version of Word & Excel do you have?

  [email protected]® 16:35 25 Jul 2005

This is what I do. I have 3 columns in excel the first says 'part' the second 'description' the third 'price' and it can contain anything upto 3000 rows. I put them in alphebetical order by 'part' using sort and set the font size to 8 so they fit into 2 columns when copied into word. Like I say I copy into word, format>columns>2 columns and I would like the 'part, description, price' to show on each page. (Office suite 97 upwards).

  scotty 16:56 25 Jul 2005

When you copy your data from excel and paste it into word, you will probably find that it is actually pasted in as a table. Select the row(s) that are to be headings and then go to Table\Heading Row Repeat.

What version of office are you using?

  [email protected]® 16:57 25 Jul 2005

Office 97 , 2000

  [email protected]® 17:03 25 Jul 2005

Thanks scotty your last suggestion cracked it. Thanks for all your help.

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