Word documents on windows 98 transfered to XP

  lewis187 20:44 24 Feb 2004

i have many word documents on my old windows 98 system which i would like to transfer to my windows xp system.
Although when i try to transfer them on a floppy (old pc so has not got a cd burner) it cannot access the documents and tells me that it was written on a 98 (which i knew) yet i stil cannot open them
Does anyone know any ways of transferring the data in order to access it through office xp?
Thanks for any help.

  bremner 20:49 24 Feb 2004

I transfer Word documents regularly from a machine running W98 to one running XP Pro with no problem.

I have used both floppy disks and more recently a USB thumb drive.

The XP Pro machine has Word 2003 and the W98 machine Word 97.

  Taff36 10:30 25 Feb 2004

I have Word 97 and Office XP Pro machines and there are no problems interchanging files so look for another problem. Have you tried checking the attributes of these files? Will a newly formatted floppy work or can you e-mail one successfully and open it in which case you might look at one of the floppy drives as the problem.

  lewis187 16:44 25 Feb 2004

i have tryed formatting the floppys before saving the data on then when i transfer them to XP it does net let me access the files and i cannot email them as the 98 system is very basic without even a modem or usb ports!

  The Spires 16:52 25 Feb 2004

If you zip the docs up first the attributes of the files won't change.

  bremner 16:56 25 Feb 2004

Anther step would be to temporarily install the hard drive from the old machine into the new one as a slave.

This may sound difficult but it is actually very simple. So long as the new machine has an open case warranty I would consider it.

If you want we can give you a step by step explanation of how to do it if you want.

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